Oct. 18th, 2013

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Today I met with people I didn't really want to and I lost a bit of my faith in humanity.

So. Yesterday, job interview. fuck yes. Customer service and customer thingies. Yay. I kinda knew something was fishy because it didn't seem that proper of a job interview, they weren't even curious about anything, really. They just asked what I want to work. I couldn't answer. They asked if I like people. I almost said that you shouldn't ask me on my period about ppl, but OH WELL. So they said how about a try-out day and I said yes. I kinda knew this might not be my kind of thing but I wanted to experience how it is to deal with customers and all, because I might be able to do it.

What I imagined: customers come to me about problems, or anything like that and I handle them. That wasn't all that bad I guess.
What I got: well... not this. =_=

So. ok I arrive to the office I did the interview. Yay. I buy food because hard day and yes. Then they assign me to this WOMAN saying she'll guide me through my first day, and that I only have to just watch how she's working. I'm like ok, fun. Yay... And like, tried to be all social, and smiling and fuck yeah how is your morning. But it's still difficult when there are like a group of ppl who know each other and trying to get into the working mood and all... and then we set off. I was like wtf where are we going.They said we're going to one of the plazas where the T-point is. Because they work with T-mobile, and I'm like ok it must be because it's a customer service of T-mobile.... and then I asked if they pay for the public transport and the woman looked at me like im crazy, saying DUH OF COURSE NOT??? WTF?? and then an other girl joined us as we set off. But first I got told how I'm not "elegant enough" because I was wearing a pretty white sweater and not a blouse or suit. I said I thought I'm elegant enough but they just scoffed. And the woman said I'm going ot have to get a ticket, and I thought she was joking, lololol, why would I want to pretend Im waiting in line... As we set off they started chatting and laughing and omg omg dofgsdkfg kadjfgbajldfgb and I was like 'yeah... party... yay' I thought I'm gonna cry on the subway because fuck I felt so alieanted but I thought its because I'm not working with them and of course I'm an alien. Chill.

So we arrive. They chat. I'm like haha.. yeah.. funny... we go in, and we put our stuff down in that mini place for the workers and then a woman there's like FUCK. I ALREADY TOLD YOU NOT TO BRING MORE PEOPLE UGH WE DONT HAVE PLACE FOR NEWBIES and like started ranting as if I wasn't there and I was like........ ok. right. fucking... great. Then as they changed I asked about working hours and dinner time and all because that's important AND THEN the woman's got all "the fuck are you talking about" and looked at me as if I'm an idiot and then she asked if they didn't tell me and I said, welll apparently not? And she said this is an agent work, without fix pay, you get paid after the customers YOU bring and there are NO working hours you work as much as you want.

And I got a shock there, because WHAT. THAT SO WASN'T WHAT THEY TOLD TO ME. THEY SAID THIS IS CUSTOMER SERVICE NOT FUCKING DIRECT MARKETING. And apparently it was, and the woman asked if I still want ot see how this works and I was like yeah bitch you dragged me half the city here I KINDA WANT TO SEE NOW. And I saw she was going all "fuuuuuck..." so we go out to the customer area, people looking at phones and all, and the woman said YOU STAY HERE and gone and went to get me a ticket. I. GOT. AN ACTUAL. TICKET. BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T WANT TO DISGRACE THEMSELVES WITH ME BECAUSE I DIDN'T LOOK "ELEGANT" ENOUGH. I JUST... I was standing there for 15 mins, I got told off twice by her during that time ("Dare to call me an agent again and I'll smack you" and the "Don't lean against the wall") and  watching her going to ppl and then I said that ok. this is it. sayonara. and left.

What annoys me the most that the person who signed me up for this lied to me about the job, and when I come and it's clear it's not my type of job they still handle me like... a stain on their shoes and not like an actual, maybe desperate person. I know the world is cruel but fuck them. I didn't need this, at all. Just because you need money and see me as competition which I so wasn't you don't have to act like this. Fucking. assholes.

Fuck everyone I met today. *snuggles with her tea*

and, this is the most disgusting type of job I've ever seen. Like it's not even T-mobile it's for City Bank. THEY GO TO T-MOBILE POINTS, AND PRETEND THEY JUST WALK AROUND HELPING ABOUT PHONES BUT NOPE, THEY JUST WANT TO SELL YOU CITY BANK CREDIT CARDS. IF THERE IS A LOW.... THEN THIS IS IT.


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