Apr. 10th, 2012 11:07 pm
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............. I don't know maybe I was tired or something, but when they accused me I stole something from that jewelry shop I got damned angry................. I may have not handled the situation that well, but UGH.

So like I wanted to look for a headband. I go in, I look around, then leave. Gate beeps. Fuck, what the fuck. Gate beeps again, lady comes. She doesn't say anything, she just stares. It was the typical JUST GET ON WITH IT AND NO ONE GETS HURT, I WON'T SHOUT WITH YOU IN FRONT OF CUSTOMERS, GIVE ME BACK WHAT YOU TOOK. and I was just staring too. So we were just staring at each other like retards. But then I couldn't take it anymore...
"What now?" I asked.
"You should tell me you took something, so we can match it down and I don't have to call the--"
"BUT I DIDN'T TAKE ANYTHING!" I wasn't shouting, but I'm sure my voice was slightly hysteric... And she had gone back staring again. GAH. And then I snapped. I asked where I can pack the stuff from my bag so she can see I don't have any of the things she thinks I have, But she wasn't saying anything. I think that was just the worst she could do... I got all crazy.... Oh look, this is my jacket's pockets, and this is my skirt's pocket, and look, look, my bag has smaller pockets here here and here, look this is my pad, my perfume, my mechanical pencil, oh yes, my McDonalds coupon, do you want to see more, oh look this is a book, it has pages, look!!! Somehow the fact that she really thought I took something annoyed the hell out of me.
She let me go though, and I don't know if she believed me, or the slightly mad scene I just made her to let me leave because it was embarrassing for her and she couldn't handle it...

I'm just glad she didn't call the security, because I beeped in the next shop too. :| But they knew it wasn't me. 

Apparently, it was my new skirt though, I forgot to cut the chip off of it. *facepalms*

Now I can't go back to that shop ever..............................
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