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Neither of us had any money. But then we were like... FUCK IT. Yes.



under the cut cuz it's long XD )


Oct. 14th, 2011 01:22 pm
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.... oooookay. Update!

Yesterday I met the girl I'll teach some Japanese, and she was cute a gem and was like twice as tall as me. 8D SHE IS FIFTEEN, WHAT ARE THEY EATING OR WHAT IS HAPPENING WTF, PPL BECOMING TALLER, WTF!!!!!! I was so nervous because this is my first time teaching someone anything, especially Japanese. It wasn't even me who wanted this but the girl's dad, because we live in the same town--- Okay, so it was like we were going home with mom together, and we were talking on the train and I ranted about the presentation I did on Wednesday. and when we got off the train the man who was sitting next to us asked me if I know Japanese, because he heard us talking about it. I said yes, and he asked if I could teach his daughter, and I said that 'ER.... YES. EVEN IF I HAD NEVER TAUGHT IN MY LI---" "OKAY. then here is my number, let me take yours and I'll call you" and so I got myself a student...! I was so freaked ou by it I asked everyone I could about how the hell I should teach stuff.... XDD  But the first time went good yes, she seems eager to learn and this might make my job easier.

And yay moneys~~ ;;

Then yesterday class were cancelled, again. Yes. Awesome. Anyway, today I was like by half an hour from class, thanks to train, really. and it happened we didn't read that text I was preparing for, but something different. Because people forgot to tell me that we didn't read anything last week, because I skipped last week's Friday to prepare for the con. So ugh... yes.

Then I get home, and the cocoa I wanted to drink was developing some primitive sign of life... It was a blob, ew, and I drank into it GAHHH....................... *shivers at the thought*

And I feel a headache coming.

..... I should write about the con too, hah. 8DDDD /lazy But here are our cosplays: Miya was Kyouko on the first day, and Juvia the second. And I was Mami on both days. And Miya wrote an entry about it. 8D OH AND AND AND HERE IS SOME AWESOMENESS:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

This person is the love of my life for the next few days. XDDD Omg it was such a great cosplay. AND NOW ALL OF YOU HAVE THEM ON YOUR COMPUTERS AHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! I wonder how many ppl will get it...


Sep. 20th, 2010 09:16 am
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Well there was a Con on the weekend. Animecon. XD I participated in helping at the karaoke tent, it was exciting and very new for me... 8DDD Finally saw this side of the con too, not that sparkly as the othe side, but definitely more work and more tiring. Of course. But cracked too, and I'm not saying that everything was sugar coated sweetheart bunnies, but there were good moments.

Of course there were bad ones too. XD

So... we sang, we helped ppl to sing, and in the end we did half the seiyuu contest too. XD Now that was something epic. Of course the greatest moments were when ppl did the LUKE IM YOUR FATHER scene from Star Wars. 8DD Though those two girls from that Furuba scene were so damned awesome too... XD

So all in all its okay. My left ear needs healing a little, and somehow I got a sore throat too, and was very busy all weekend.

After a few hours of sleeping all the experiences seems much better. XD Damn I was really tired on Sunday...

ok this is it, maybe a longer entry will come soon. XD


Con vids.

May. 3rd, 2010 12:56 pm
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I finally found the strength to do this damn post. I'm not in my best moods lately, so yes. No pics, because I'm lazy.

Sorry they are in hungarian. ^^;;;;;Read more... )
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SOOOO~~~ Yes, a con post. Again. XDD Yay? XD It was just like the earlier one. I mean I spent two days at Miya's to prepare stuff and make stuff and all. XDD Thank you for letting me stay, and made my make-up and for the food too. ;;

It was so tiring as hell but so fun, because doing cosplay stuff together is still the best. XDD I skipped french because we wouldn't have finished out stuff on Friday if I would have gone, so yay, I'm already slacking off there. @_@;;;;

Anyway this cosplay was a bit in rush because we thought the con will be in May, BUT NO. So yes, a bit rushed. But we could still finish and we looked awesome~~ *-* First day we finished Cloud Nine's shirt, and started her monkey. That monkey... SIGH THAT MONKEY. XDDDD But as you will see it turned out great. XD

On the first day, we both were kind of awkward because well Miya had a very revealing costume, and had boots from hell: aka they looked GORGEOUS but soo damned uncomfortable. XDDD And I was wearing high heels too, that I thought it will be comfortable but in the end it was and I didn't bring spare shoes either so gaaahhhhhh. My feet still hurts. XD Actually there were nothing that much intersting on the first day, we were walking around mostly spent our time int he Manga Kissa with Ayumi. XD Loling at the Gravitation translation like: Sindó Súicsi, or: Tóma. And couldn't help laughing at this sentence: 'Megsasolta a himbi-limbijét?' It means: he peeked at his weenie, or something lke that. XD It was just sooo crack!! XDD
Then we decided to eat sushi!! I was waiting for it for like an hour BUT SO TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! *-* Especially that when we got back to Miya's we ordered some more. *-*;;; asdfgdfghhjk Best idea ever, omg it was so delicious. ;;


ANYWAY, On the second day thing were already better. Mostly because we had comfortable cosplay. XD Our shoe were mostly comfortable, and we didn't really look like whores anymore with Miya. XD I mean you will see on the pictures that we kind of looked like some luxury prostitutes as we were waiting for the bus. The bus driver even turned back to us to stare!! Free pepp show hah. But the worst thing that until we got there we looked like whores, and when we arrived noone recognized us... Or might thought I'm some random jrock person. TAT;;;; Someone even asked if we are even cosplaying something, and I think that was the worst question... >>;; It kinda hurt, that ppl were drooling over random lolitas while my so amazing outfit got no recognition at all. BUT There were ppl who kind of knew what I'm supposed to cosplay, like Dev was like: K-k-k-k-- KOUSUKE!! and I answered no no It's Juliet played by Matsumoto Hiroya, but CLOSE. AND I LOVE THE ATTEMPT THAT SHE AT LEAST TRID. ;; Miya got recognized too on both days by a few ppl. For example on the first day she got a japanese photographer to take pics of her!! :O

We were watching some cosplay performances what had been more enjoyable if there wouldn't have been couples all around us eating each other's faces. Oo;;; GET A ROOM FOR THAT AND DON'T BLOCK THE VIEW , IM 158 CM GODDAMN YOU. TAT;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Btw B.A.T.Á.R. was still awesome I'm totally rooting for them, so if anyone knows the results of the performance cosplay pls tell me. XDDD
There was a Naruto vs. Bleach on. That was the first AND WAS SO SO CREATIVE. I loved it, the teamwork was awesome. XDDD I mean.. I can't explain how it was, so I hope I can pimp a vid about it later...! XD I liked the Rozen Maiden perf too, but mostly because of the dresses and THERE WAS THE NEKO-GIRL PERF. NOW THAT. THAT I WANT THAT ON YOUTUBE RIGHT NOW. IT WAS SO EPIC... SO. SO EPIC. XDDD
Actually I was a bit jealous of the perfomers this time because they could communicate more with the staff that they need time to get stuff on stage or want darkness or something... we couldn' t have that when I was performing. :/ It was like they told we were next and they started the music right then, so we had to put silences in it at the beginning or stuff like that and it was just so shitty... But oh well.

So actually all in all it was a ncie con but it was bad that it was in such a big place, and we were still not enough for that.... and ppl were far from each other, so the mood wasn't that 'close'. And there were no boards of what is WHERE so ppl got lost a few times, and gah... sucky.
But as I said it was nice, and omg on the second day we were playing UNO... |DD I lost two-three times ina row when we started it OAO;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; The weather was awesome too on both day, sunlight and warm~~~ So yay!!

My hair was shitty, especially on the second day,  I even told Miya randomly 'I LOOK LIKE RON WEASLEY." TAT;

So pictures then:

Image heavy, and under the cut!!! XD )

So all in all was great, and I'll post more pics if Iget more~~ Soon!! XDDD And maybe vids. :3333 I HOPE.


Apr. 21st, 2010 10:58 pm
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ok, time for some real posting now. Costume is ready will post pics after the con.

Cut my hair, but after I washed it just looks sdflhnadkfgjg ..... XD I still need to learn how to make it work because it happened it has a damned curl in it, and I look like some old granny with it now. But when the hairdresser finished with it looked SO COOL. ;;

Has sparkly nails too.

Watching Kaibutsu-kun drama and I enjoying it too much agh, more about it when I actually finished watching.

On the other hand I totally started shipping Chandler with Monica Rachel and Phoebe.  : | Yes saw some F.R.I.E.N.D.S. eps, and I totally realized that and seriously was thinking about writing a foursome fic because DAMN those four are SO OT4. >>;;; There are so many hints even, and omg!!! *-*;;;

Starting to come down with a cold, and that is a big no no, especially before con, since my ass will freeze to death anyway....

mm, anything else? Nothing really...
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Nyári Animecon
2009 August

image heavy and looong )
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Alright. Con update.

Mostly pimping... XD

I didn't want to go that much, but Miya insisted and got tickets and all...... XD So I took my new skirt and said okay we'll go.

There was crowd again, as expected, but the place were more wide so ppl could sit down, and relax and all, so that was good. There was a lot of stuff, and all, and the cosplays were great!!!

I met a lot of ppl even my boss, from the agency.............. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD THAT WAS. EPIC. I met Ica-sama too~~~~~~and everyoneeeeeee~~ I missed everyoneeeeeeee~

Though I really didn't want to go on the second day, but.......... we did. And THANK GOD WE DID. THE PERFORMANCES WERE SOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING GREAT.


Anyway. We saw half Naked Kakashi, awesome Gai-sensei (damn, my guilty pleause that guy is....................) Awesome CLAMP performance, and stand up comedy by Roy Mustang. 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

We met cosplayer!Naruto and cosplayer!Sasuke, male!Axel, male!Sai.... and all in with great stuff. So yeah~~~~~~

So vids and pics here:UNDER THE CUT~~~~~~~~~ )

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Okay I think this is another con post! Mostly pictures. XD

The second day I slept in. :|b needed that sleep though cause I was totally K.O. on Saturday. XD But I was so lucky I could still go and watch the end of the individual cosplay performances, and saw the group performances too. Well... yeah. 8DDDD

Yes with that you can totally describe my day, because after that I was running around, searching for ppl. XD

And nope I wasn't doing more free hugs, because then EVERYONE started to do it. XD So yay.

Pictures, videos~~ )
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I had to get up early to get my tickets. I'm very very thankful to Miisha and Ayumi for them. |DD Thank you guys~

Then... Well I thought I'll know how many people will be there... but this time it was at least 2-3 times MORE people there than last time.... O____O Damn it really hit the country now. The anime/manga cult. Wow.

Too bad that the cosplayers' number is lacking still. :|

BUT. they are still awesome.

I wasn't cosplaying this time due to various things. I have a cold too (again) so  I wasn't very fond of the idea to go to the con when I woke up in the morning. =____= I sat in my bed seriously thinking if I should go or not.
I decided to go anyway.

Arriving there I was walking around outside a bit then started my plan. 8D I was giving out free hugs. (Blame Evy for it.) Yep, not getting hugs as everyone did, I was giving them out! People actually loved it... 8DD Well mostly. XD
I think I was the best someone with a 'Free hugs' sign, because there were others (a few started doing it after seeing me of course, damn copycats. 8DDDDD) doing the same. Most had better sign than me too. XDD But oh well, I still could hand out loads of hugs, and people always came back to get more!! 8DDD

And when we were out eating in one of the McDonalds nearby, I put the sign on the table too, if anyone needs a hug there they should get one. And a boy come up and hugs, and stuff (he was heading to the con with his friends too) and I said he should hug the other people with this sign, and he said he will if all of them are this pretty like me. |DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD *EGO ON THE MAX* It so made my day. XD

Then we could finally go in, and all... and It was such a crowd, and hot I decided I don't have the energy for this now, so I headed out again, giving more free hugs to ppl.
I even sold my ticket to someone who wanted to get in but couldn't cause there weren't any tickets anymore. I was asking only onethird of the real price, I was in such a giving mood. XD

I wanted to head home pretty early, cause I wasn't eating, drinking anything all day only a hot chocolate,  but decided to wait for Timi and Ed to make pics of them. They were so fucking late. |DDD But I handed out free hugs....! All day! And I actually never thought that this many people do this... but it happened that it started to be popular... Oh well.

I think I'll do it tomorrow too, if I have the energy.

And before you ask no, I haven't counted how many hugs it were, because I was handing them out, and not taking them, HAH. It was a lot though.

And I feel now that the medicine is kicking in.... |DDDDDD *SLEEPS*

Edit: pictures will be later.
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SO continuation of this post. Mwuhahaha. XDDD During this little time between two posts I totally remembered a few fun things about this, second day.............................. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Nya then be back later.... 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD *WRITES ESSAY*

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Őszi AnimeCon
2007. oct. 6-7.

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THE INTERNET IS FOR PO----- ........ oh damn, different line again. XD

So, well..... what I wanted....... oh! Yes!

NEAR, I FINALLY GOT YOUR ASEXUAL ASS~~~~ MWUHAHAHHA AND YOU LOVED IT. XD And Me (aka Mello) too. >>; Yes, played a Death Note DJ game, any problem??? 8DDD Got the special scene and ALL. GEEZ. XD

And as you can see my head is full of the lines of the songs from the Avenue Q musical. 8DDD Well I just happened to search after it a little bit on Youtube, and now, I'm really curious about that musical. XDDD They haven't relesed it on DVD...? I want to seeeee iiiiiit!!

But oh well. :333

Hmm any other news? Like my classes or something? IT'S A BIG FAT NO. :33 I'm not frustrated over it or anything, oh noooooo WHY WOULD I BE???

Hmm other things, we finally started making our skit: Sailor Moon vs. Wedding Peach for the con. XDDD WISH US LUCK. XD OMG We're such a retards, I don't care if noone would like the skit, I'M having so much fun practicing it. XDDDD

Hmm I think this is it. :333
So then, byeeeee~~~~

Nyíregyháza, AnimeCon
2007 july

And nooooooooow~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the great con post. XDDD I'm actually lazy to search around other photos than mine, because i forgot to took pictures about a lot of people BUT OH WELL HOPE YOU'LL STILL LIKE IT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sooooo, firstly, we had to go one day earlier on the 13th, and it was a Friday too!!! Everyone was like "JLKDGFJHBDFGJBAFDH NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH BAD LUCK, OMG OMG BAD LUCK!!!!! DON'T---- DOOOOOOOON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
But we were like: "........... We're idiots, we'll have luck because of that." And i'm starting to believe that it's TRUE. XDDDD

So, we  had a little panic in the morning cause the train's schedule was fucked up. MÁV we love you. -_- BUT we found the one we were looking for, and Weeeee~~~~~ Three hours on train, here we come!!!!
Actually it was great cause we chatted all the way (and it WASN'T three hours, but almost FOUR---), and on the last hour we were alone... no seriously. We were alone in the carriage, and there was noone around!!! And that was the point where we started to ask... "Where are we...?"

Oh, and a little interlude:

Tobi: *leaning over the open window, enjoying the wind and all* Weeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeee senpai this is great!
Deidara: *standing best to Tobi, totally not enjoying anything, and the wind tousles his hair....* TOBI. You shouldn't attract any attention......!!! We tried to be in total incognito, and that's why we put on GIRLY CLOTHES. SO STOP THAT, UN. *slaps*


But the panic fit started when we reached 'Téglás'.
we: ".................................... WHERE EXACTLY ARE WE?!?!?!?! AND WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE?!?!!??!?! *panics*"
But noone has to worry, we arrived safe and sound..... 8DDDD We were surprised too!!!! XD
We found the bus too which brought us to the college, and WOW. IT'S A GREAT PLACE. It's a campus, my first time seeing a campus actually..... >> Cause my uni doesn't have one........ ._. we have.... a.......... building............... next to a shop and  a striptease bar.
BUT back to our story, so we arrived feeling totally happy that we MADE IT AHHAHAHHA WE CAN MAKE IT THROUGH---- *gets shot*

Sooo, then we got our room.

You won't believe what i'll say but it's true.

WE'VE GOT ROOM 13!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD WE ARRIVED ON FRIDAY 13TH, AND WE'VE GOT ROOM 13, WE WERE LIKE:"HOLY SHI-------- DA HELL?! XDDDDD" We didn't know if we'll be really lucky or the exact opposite. But! The room was AWESOME. WE had a FRIDGE, and AC....... O__________O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Then after this we needed to go and shop, because we needed FOOD, aaaaaaand i didn't pack a lot of important things like....... cups, fork, spoon...... food. 8DDD Oh and we needed ice cream too. XDDDD

And please...... d-d-don't ask. XDDDD

interlude again:

*some bug's crawling on the bed*
Tobi: Iyaaaa~ a bug~! i'm Tobi and i don't have any intention to kill it.
both: .......

bug: .......................


The next day we woke up, and took a walk that were the con will be. Well it was TWO MINUTES FROM OUR ROOMS. Because it was at the campus too. :33 In front of our building. XD So we checked, that ok not that much people are here, so we gone back and rested 10 minutes. 10 minutes only, and when we got back THERE WERE TONNES OF PEOPLE. We were shocked. XD
But we met a lot of great people, and we fangirled over that EXCEL SAGA COSPLAYGROUP GEEZ THEY WERE AWESOME. *________* I LOVED THEM. AND THEY LET ME HOLD MENCHI~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I WAS IN HEAVEN~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooooo after an hour of waiting, we got in~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AND OUR FIRST DIRECTION WAS TO THE MANGAS!!!

We spazzed that we'll have them no matter what, and how!!!! We came for them too, and we'll have them!!!!!!!!!!!! we were like: "Everyone is a potential enemy. *looks around suspiciously*"
So, we arrived and started fighting for our little ones..... or..... just Dev, cause there was Death Note, but no Ouran. T_T *cries*

I FOUND SOMETHING MOOOOOOOOORE INTERESTING RIGHT AWAY. *_________________________________________*


AS IF IT WAS WAITING FOR ME. *_______________* IT WAS THERE SAYING 'HAVE MEEEE TAKE MEEEEE~~~~~~~~~~' AND I FELL IN LOVE RIGHT AWAY. But my purse said no you don't..... >> BUT, MWUHAHAHA NOTHING CAN BE IN THE WAY OF TRUE LOVE------ ....... y-yeah I borrowed money from someone. XDDDDDD
Yup that means I have a debt, and i had to starve for the next one and half days BUT I HAVE THAT ARTBOOK. *________________________________* I KNOW I'M AN IDIOT, BUT I'M A HAPPY IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND IT'S SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY~~~~~~~~~~ KUROGANEEEEEE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AND THE CUTEST HET PAIRING EVER SYAORAN AND SAKURA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |DDDDDDDD~~~~~

Then, we were on cosplay hunting, and watching amv-s, pvs and stuff. Heeeee, that hall was GREAT and EVERYONE could see the stage, and the big screen. (yes that's actually a surprising thing here you know......)  And i didn't know that Nana was THIS popular. XDDDD

Then, the cosplay competition. Well i don't really remember much of it, BECAUSE WE FANGIRLED OVER MELLO AND NEAR ALL THE WAY, THEY WERE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But....... there was a guy, who was Nidaime Hokage from Naruto , and he PWNED he won too, and he DANCED. XDDDDDD He said he didn't have any performance, BUT we know that every hokage must have had GREAT dancing skillz.... and starrted dancing to a mix. xDDD we were dead.
OH, and in the Excel Saga performance, there was FANSERVICE. |DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD MANY. XDDDDDDDDDDDD noone dared to scream just me though. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

In the end, we ran to take photos of people, aaaaaand i"ve got A KISS FROM MELLO, AND NEAR TOO. *______* I'M STARTING TO BE ADDICTED. *_____*;;;;;
Ah, and there was an Akatsuki Leader.... XDDD it was like:

ME: EEEEEEEEE LEADER-SAMA EEEEEE EEEEEEE *bounces towards him, to ask for a tonnes of photos*
Leader: *turns around* ......!!!!!!!!! SUZ~!!!!!!!! *GLOMPS* EEEEEE IT'S SO GREAT YOU'RE HERE WHY AREN'T YOU COSPLAYING AND------- *rambling rambling, while still glomping me*
me: *HAPPY GOO INSIDE* 8DDDDDDDDD................................................................................................................. *HUGGLES HUGGLES*
Oh not to mention HE was a GUY, and yeah i knew him from earlier, (he was Zetsu from the con before) BUT STILL XDDDDDDDD *DIES* LEADER GLOMPED ME!!!!!!!! I'M A HAPPY FANGIRL NOW. |DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

After these happy haaaaaaaaaappy times, i gone to find Dev in the DDR room, cause she said i should try it out. Yeah i never did DDR before....... ._." so i joined her, and there was Mariann and a few others~~~~~

And... yeah so i tried for the first time in my life... DDR AND I COULD GO ONLY ONCE, BUT I THINK I'M ADDICTED. *___________________________________* FOR CHRISTMAS I'LL AS FOR ONE. *_____________________* MWUHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And, the after party came. We were late so we had to find the plave ourselves AND WE DIDN'T GET LOST------- MUCH. 8DDDDD It was a bit boring party, but we still could dance, and there was a lot of great songs, and a few great moments.
Then............. when we  decided to go back to our room, we saw that the last bus gone a few minute earlier..................... so we decided to walk. 8DDDD i was in a damn high high heels. XDDDD It was hot too, we had a few love confessions too. 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

But we found a taxi who took us all the way, and it was really cheap too. :3 so we were tired, but content. |DDD

After a shower i gone to sleep right away, but i know Dev had to wait for Enikő, we offered her to stay at our room till her first bus goes, and all... so Dev couldn't sleep that much. XD

Then, we came home, but it was a bit shorter (only three hours now) journey. But it was hoooooooot, and guah........... i though i'll die in the end. BUT AAH WE WERE HAPPY. |DDDDDDD

Sooo all in all, it was GREAT. *______________________*


Jul. 15th, 2007 07:20 pm
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*először is megrúgdos mindenkit, akit nem jött el, mert élete egyik legjobb conját hagyta ki*

THE  CON WAS AWESOME. *___________________________*


Jul. 9th, 2007 02:17 pm
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Ok, now i'm  bored again, go me! Im at my parent's company takig a long break.... which means i'm booooreeeeeeed. *whimpers*

STILL. I'll have money and i can spend it aaaaaaaaall on mangas.  *-* Hope i can find a few interesting ones at the Con at Nyíregyháza, since now i won't cosplay so i'll have the time to look around, and buy stuff~~~ |DDD But still i'll miss my costumes. T_T

Lately, i'm drawing very much. Mostly because i have to send the comic pages for the novells, mostly because of that project,  and mostly because i have time, and it"s sooo good~ i love drawing. ^^

And started a few new RPs too~ >w< i'm so happy about them~~~

Ah, and watched Nana. and..... duuuuuuude...... OO; There are only a few eps till the end and there is so much angst i can hardly BREATHE. GEEZ.... Nana (the girly one) is soooo stupid sometimes i would like to kick her sometimes. And now i'm worrying about the other Nana, she has some serious shit with his mental stability............. *pats her* But still, i hope in the end it'll be fluff. T_T

Someone said i should stop throwing tantrums, so i'm doing that. nothing will change anyway.

I realized, that i'm the youngest amongst the students at my chinese course. T_T;;; I though a few of the are the same age as me, or maybe one year older, but noooooo all of them are working, and already graduated from uni... They look so young though. OO;;;; *sigh* Well.... yeah...

I drank a lot of glasses of mineral water.... I stopped counting at seven. And i'm still thirsty, gah, chinese cuisine sure makes you drink a LOT.

There was a little 10 year old kid here with her mom. I think her mom bring the letters to us, dunno. And the kid is adorable. So, seriously, if he'll stay like this after another 10 years, i'll get him to be my boytoy. 8D *gets shot*
Ah, talking about boytoys, i started watching Family Guy. It's an american (?) cartoon series, and has a lot of similarities with The Simpsons (aka: it stole a few  things from our yellow friends, yes.) STill! I"m watching it, because of Stewie. The 2 years old little guy, WHO HAS THE EVILEST MIND ON EARTH I SWEAR. I love him. Here is a few of his best moments. Watch it and laugh. XD He is the best. XD
Ah and in this show, there was this quote: "Well, my merry-happy-lucky Toyboys~" said the boss to his co-workers. XD

Hmm.... anything else? No, i think this is it. Well then, good day~


Jun. 26th, 2007 07:21 pm
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NOW, IT'S OVER. *-* Okay okay i still have to do that retake in august, and have to attendt the chinese class on every saturday, BUT OOOOOOOOOMG SUMMER VACATION STARTEEEEEED~~~~

And i still haven't found a job. XDDD Well it's not a big trouble, but since everyone will be busy (don't say you won't, cause you WILL. ) in the summer too especially in August, i need something to do!! And if get money for it, it's great~~~~ 8DDD

Ahhahaha, this is great, freeeeeedom~~~~~~~ |DDDD Finally i can draw, and STUFF. *-* Weeee~~~~

Sooo, about that summer con now. :3
This is the website. I dunno who will go, or how it will be, since everyone seem so busy, or not interested but maybe to the rest it's interesting. XD
I searched around for rooms, and i found two places only. I don't know the prices, but it's not a big deal if noone will go...
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Prepare, long and image heavy entry ahead. XDD

SakuraCon 2007
Budapest, Hungary

So, it started i think on Wednesday, when they said: "HAHAHAHAS SUCKERS IT WILL RAIN ON THE WEEKEND." We were aaaall so happy... It's so typical, that only Saturday and Sunday it was cloudy and stuff... But only a little rain fell, and that was good.

So, This was the first con in since a long time, which lasted for two days. There were many great programmes, and the people were actually pretty cool. And it was sipmly awesome. X33 Here, you can read an article about it in hungarian.

First day (Saturday):
I cosplayed Ino, in her timejump outfit on the firs tday. And we thought that it would be awesome and simplier if we would arrive in our costumes and stuff. SO YAY. 8DD Everyone knows how Ino looks after the timejump right? XDDDD GOD. My skirt was SO TINY, so as my top, and that hair, omg. And i thought if anyone would ask who am i, or WHAT am i, my anwer would have been: ".... a call-girl." But no people actually were afraid of me... T_T I didn't know i'm thaaaaat scary. >.> I will never wear a miniskirt again.
Okay, so i arrived to the railway station, and headed to the tram station, when i spotted something.... ZOMG that IS a headband, a Konoha headband on a top of that. EEEEEEEE KIBA-PUPPY IS THAT YOU~~~~~~~~~~~~~~?? My inner fangirl was so sooooo happy. XDD So i grinned and waved at HIM (yeah, cause actually guy cosplayers are really reeeaaally rare here XD) and he was grinning back like a cute idiot Kiba. Then i stepped to him, and couldn't say anything when i got two kisses on my cheek, and a wink... it was.... shocking. XDDD
Me: ............ have we met before? *still smiling like a stupid idiot, cause the situation is so sooooo WEIRD* XDDD
He (omg, i forgot to ask his name >____>) : ........ You aren't that someone i was waiting for a half an hour now? 8DDD *still grinning*
Me: no. 8DDDDDDD I have to meet my friends somewhere else. 8DDDD
He: ...................... oh. 8DDDDDDD SORRY.
He: 8DDD

OMG it was so funny. XDDD And the guy was CUTE, no really, i have a tonnes of photos of him, cause he was REALLY cute. (i thought he is 15-16 and he is 21!!!!!!!!!!!! OAO;;;;;;;; ) I started fangirling him then and there, and he said he'll come with me, cause he is lost like a puppy. XDDD And we started walking, fangirling/fanboying like hell, when someone started shouting after us. And two more cosplayers (Orochimaru and Sasuke) appeared. XD OMG. It was..... i dunno like twilight zone, or something i swear. XD *rolls*
So with half an hour late, i arrived where Miya, and Sa-chan was, with the three ducklings cosplayers i've met. We waited a little for Dev, and then our ways parted, cause Kiba was still waiting for his group, so as Orochi and Sasuke. XD

So, our little team departed to arrive to the con. We got weird glances, and stuff, and a guy asked if we're heading to a manga-porn celebration. We said yes, and he's not invited. Fucking jerk.

Then, we arrived. *-* Wai~~~ We watched tonnes of AMVs, searched around for mangas, and others stuff, and then the cosplay competition started. And OMG, there were actually a LOT of things now, to buy. T_T;; I didn't bring any money, cause i prefer mangas in japanese, BUT THIS TIME THERE WERE OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB PLUSHIES. T_________________________________T *WHIIIIIIIIIIINES* AND NARUTO SHIPPUDEN STUFF...... .____."

And after the competition photoshooting weeeeee~~~~~ X333 We met great costumes, and cracky, cute, funny people. XDD OMG there was a NINE YEARS OLD GAARA. DRGSFHSFJDGHJKLHAEKIGAKLDJG I FEEL SO PEDOPHILE NOW. T_T No really, he was really cute, and was so IC, and he looked just like Gaara, and and................... OAO;;;;;;;;;;;;; And at the end of the day when we had to go he was there and i hugged him, hope his sister (who was cosplaying Anko..... 8DDD ) Won't kill me. XD BUT OMG HE WAS SO CUTE. T_____T LIKE A PLUSHIE....8D *GETS SHOT*
This was the day, when i finally saw Timi's hyper-super-cool and secret costume... SHE WAS COSPLAYING YONDAIME. *______________* I thought she will be Jiraya at first. XDDD

Miya cosplayed timejump Sakura on the first day, and Dev cosplayed Tobi. X3 Miya got his Kakashi/Sakura fanservice, and a hug from Kakashi BUT WE DON'T HAVE ANY PHOTOS OF IT. XDDDDDDD WE SUCK SO BAD. HOPE SOMEONE WILL SEND US A FEW. D8

And at the end of the day, when we were planning to leave. Rain started to fall, and we decided to wait a little. And during this time, we met Pata, and Mayer and they started.... emoing. 8DDDDDDD bitching bitchfighting, bitchslap (did i mention that both of them are guys? XD) and then they regretted it, and hugged and became friends again. XD They were tired as hell too. It was... too much for us too. XDDD

And then Sa-chan decided to go home, and Dev and Miya came with me to stay here, and work on their costumes a little. OH, and sleep.... a little. 8DDDD We bought chocolate liqueur, ate pie, and painted nails. So bitchy~~~ <3

Second day (Sunday):
Next day, had to wake up early, so we can dress up again. Yup, we wanted to arrive in our cool akatsuki cosplay. Dev cosplayed Tobi again, Miya was Sasori no danna, and i was Deidara. We were really, reaaaaally tired... Actually, this was great to Miya cause she was IC... no really she was. XDDD We drank tea, and departed, yay~
We were tired, annoyed, i felt throwing up so it didn't started as a happy day, but we still was somehow excited.

When we arrived at the railway station, and there were those glances again, and ANOTHER great comment: "Are you butterflies or what??" I SWEAR IT'S SO CUTE. XDDDDDDD BUTTERFLIES!!!!!!!! BUTTERFLIES!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDD IMAGINE THE AKATSUKI AS BUTTERFLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG PEOPLE I LOVE YOU. XDDDDDDDD *rolls*

We haven't met anyone that day so our journey was silent, and slow. But, on the second day, there was the cosplay performances.... it was.... it was..... *searches for the right words* crack, cute, typical, rape, awesomeness, boring, so EVERYTHING. This was the first time, when they made a category likes this, and we could see perfomances like this....... omg...

AND THERE WAS SAILOR MOON. *_____* Check out the guy's other vids too he put up a few more. ^^

So it was GREAT. X33333 I loved it, and i hope everyone had fun. People were great, and cosplayers were dorky, and love, and AAAAWWWW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ it was awesome. |DDDD
Oh oh, and i figured out a few things: I'm fat. XD Everyone prefers me blonde, hungarian Naruto fandom STILL has some hope, and dorama cosplayers are finally here *-* Waaai~~~~

I think i"ll make one more post, with a few more pics later~~~~~~~~ X333 AND IGNORE THE TYPOS, PLS. XDD



Apr. 7th, 2007 06:24 pm
suzimi: (bored)  -----> REGISZTRÁLJATOK, AKI AKAR JÖNNI. Felajánlom, hogy kifizetem átutalással elővételben a jegyet annak aki kéri. köszi~~~~

Today, my mom killed my desire to eat with that sandwich...................... =___________________= it was my breakfast on a top of that.

And... today i saw a very disturbing film... Perfume. >.> It really is, especially with that orgy scene....

Okay this is it.... have to study more. =_____=
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8D So, today there was a con here~~~~~~~ yay~~~

IT WAS.............. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! We loved the cosplayers, was many-many types of manga, and and and people, and and and sutff, and and and omg i so loved it. T.T Really~~~~~~

Everyone's cosplay was SO AWESOME!!!!!! We took many pics, hope i can upload some. X33333

*dead* XDDD Actually i doesn't even know why i made this post................. 8D Well... yeah........



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