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I forgot to write this yesterday but the area of my university and the city library what is right in front of it was closed down because of the recording of Die Hard 4. XD Bruce Willis and his crew just loves to mess with us lately. XD

Anyway, so I was walking the stairs from the underground and then suddely, stairs are locked down I went all wtf they must be renovating AGAIN or something, and when I went up I saw that all the streets were closed down, and there were camera staff and other things around-- and I'm not sure those tiny streets were looking okay after those huge trailers had left-- So I got all panicked that ADGSDFGADFG WHAT WHAT NO NO NO NO I NEED TO GET TO MY EXAM THAT WILL IN TWO HOURS--- And two staff guys spotted me when I was doing the panicked pigeon in the park dance and asked if I'm going to the library or the uni and I said uni and I have graduation exam and omg how can I get there?! They let me pass there, and wished me good luck! XD

I don't know but it's kinda epic that on my final exam they were recording Die hard there......... Even if it probably won't be good movie. XD

I took some pictures too because we could hang out a bit inside, and when we realized that all the titles were changed to RUSSIAN and they erected a huge soviet THING in the middle of the square it was just weird.......

See that thing with the star? That's not usually there-- and we didn't even notice it first but I guess we were still under the FUCK WE DID IT spell. XD

Yep, all russian. Except a few smaller signs. And the offer of menus of the close-by restaurants remained english/hungarian. XD

You walk down this street and there is my uni and the library.

Surreal day, yep.

And I'm sill feeling sick... what is this. ;;


Mar. 29th, 2011 11:17 am
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An update! Yes, finally.

First and more important thing: the moral victory is mine. Again. It supposed to make me feel happy, not question my sanity, really. Fuck this.

Anyway... things, Mmm. Well my diet is proceeding though I still couldn't entirely get rid of chocolate yet... but Im starting to get enough of vegetables, and meat. Ugh meat, lately I'm not really a fan of it...

I'm way behind school, yes. I... have no idea how I'll do things. Especially with me morally winning lately. Yes. 8D

Mmm... I can't really think of anything else now. I can't update with stuff, my mind is filled with boring things,and if anything else is there I get distracted by damn school... I became a boring person. TAT;;;

iro iro

Nov. 13th, 2010 12:38 am
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So. What am I doing lately?

Not much it's like between failing and... freaking out and some stress is there too, yes. 8D This week was shit and even though it's Friday it hasn't ended.

I had two presentations on this week. The Hungarian one was good the Japanese was utter failure. Yep, aaand there was some breakdown on Wednesday, but my old buddy chocolate liqueur made it better worse watev... And then I went on a shopping rampage. I bought make-up for like 5 years. Srsly. And who said shopping is useless to cheer yourself up? Fuck its the best therapy I swear. So now I have pretty make-up and a new perfume~~~ Omg the first perfume I chose myself, and not wanting to throw it out after the nth smelling. :333 Its soooo great. This is it. |DD We got a bathing gel for it too a gift. *-*

and I bough some make-up too, and brushes, yes, so now I have a set I can actually do something.

Yep, so yay make-up.

in other words nothing really happening. My friend will get married soon, and she will have her bachelorette party this weekend. I'm kinda busy with school, so I'll see how I'll stay .

In fandom, well, I started watchin Q10 and I adore it. :33 its cracky and cute, and Takeru is so fucking cute/sexy in it, I'm dying... SDFgfghh~~

Besides the Arashi fandom, no movement in the other ones... we lack of Kousuke or Kenta. T_T;;;;

Well. this is it so far.


Oct. 17th, 2009 09:56 am
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The fact that Jun uses a photo of Ohno as his cellphone background makes me stupidly happy. XDDD Crap I love that pairing.

Lately I'm obsessed with Toma/Yuya NOT TEGOSHI YUYA, BUT MIYASHITA YUYA GO GOOGLE HIM. and Yuya/Ryuji. Srsly, Yuya is a slut.

Aynway, I'm sitting on my psychology class which seems awesome, yep. Talked about a lot of subjects like....... like a lot of subjects. I even know what is my freud mechanizm I'm using to deal with painful memories and stuff. Totally. I swear this shit is interesting...

okay, going back trying to appear smart and all.

blah blah

Oct. 10th, 2009 12:05 pm
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Alright. Yay.

So today I have classes too. I don't really like this course tho... maybe because I'm not really in any groups and looks like my social skills are failing me when my will is this low. Yep, I'm the typical girl who sits the furthest away from the blackboard, and being alone and antisocial. Which is kinda true, but when I become not antisocial again,when my hormones give me a break, then it will be quite problematic. But actually ppl are really helpful, they tell me things If I ask them, yep.

Today I slept in for like two hours. Yes... So it means I skipped two third of the first class and I prepared to go on the rest, and it happened that IT WAS CANCELLED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Damn I wasn't any more happier. >>;;; Now, I'm on the second class which is not cancelled. Not sure what I'll hear but yeah. D:

Oh and having internet during class? Best thing ever. :D srsly.

My biggest problem for the day is what to eat. XDDDD


see you later

P.S.: ........................ HOLY CRAP THIS TEACHER THINKS WE ARE LIKE 5 YEAR OLDS. TAT;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; .......................... SIGH. nothing is perfect.


Oct. 8th, 2009 10:25 am
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Today I didn't even wanted to wake up. But when you try hard to stay asleep your head starts to hurt...

I have a week to finish my thesis paper, and it's nowhere... Yeah I was talking with my consultant yesterday gave me few good ideas, and books and he is a total opposite of my consultant earlier. He really was great, but had one question which made me go gaaaaaaah. XD

He: as I said-- You've already been in Japan before, right? So you remember when you get on the subway in Tokyo and--
Me: I-I-- I-- I-- I've never been in Japan...
He: ........ Oh. Oh, well then it might be harder like that...
Me: ...... B-b-b-b-b-but I know a few ppl who was there...?
He: Yeeaaaah, so as I said---
Me: TAT;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


In other news I'm listening to this stupid catchy song lately, and just being all blah. Only good thing about it it doesn't make me emo, and my bro complimented on my musical taste.

At school we need to do a project which would require a team, but I'm not really sure I'll be able to collect  a team from that mass since the 70% were already teamed up and the rest is either bitches or guys who don't want to do anything and I'm sick of guiding fucktards like that. I don't want to make myself more annoyed and stressed with a team, but I don't want to do it alone either because being in a team might be sucky, but people might have good ideas....... will try to ask around tomorrow.

Will be hard since I'm in some antisocial slump, and I know that this kind of behaviour makes ppl to keep their distance.


Sep. 18th, 2009 10:36 am
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... That's one thing I still don't have an english group. Not that I'm gonna take english but they said it's needed for administration.

That's another thing I still don't know if I have to pay or not.

But it's completely ridiculious that I still haven't got my class schedule.................... I even called them that what the hell, they said they will do something about it. And I quote: "...will do something about it." .......... RIGHT. Just send it to me by email, like you should have to or you could have told me by PHONE TOO. BUT YOU HUNG UP BEFORE I COULD ASK THAT. It means I so won't go in today until I got my  schedule.

I swear I miss the woman I had at the Uni... TAT;

I need to get mails and phone numbers in class..... gnnnnhh..... =__=;



Aug. 30th, 2009 11:24 am
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I must say I love Yuya and Ryuji, they are my guilty crack pairing and if my mind sets off from Jin/Ohno I definitely will write a fic about them. XDDD  *having inspiration for writing, ppl!!!*    *-*;;  And the fact they are in together in some stage, and have the same dressing room, and they are bullying each other, especially Yuya Ryuji, makes my theory about them true, as in Yuya is the one teacher like to the silly Ryuji... Yum, they must have so much fun in bed. XD


Crying Ohno = love. Too bad he probably won't cry on the DVD BUTOHWELL. XDDDD Sigh, thank you Aiba for hugging him because....... because yeah. T_T;;; HE NEEDED THAT. SEE HE LOVES ARASHI. TAT;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; LEADER LOVES HIS TEAM DAMMIT.

And, school starts too on next week. It's evening classes mean I only have to attend on Fridays and Saturdays, which will be actually great. >>;;; *lazy ass* In October thesis paper turn in, in January my graduation exams (I SO. FUCKING. HOPE.) then apply for master's course. And I need courses for French and Japanese.

And pls cheer me on my english exam in September... I need Level C1 or C2 8DD. I MIGHT BE ABLE TO DO IT. Actually I really, really want it. I really do. If I keep on studying like this I will.

But that actually means I might get a little rest this year... *-* Hope I won't go mad. XD I will definitely do something though. XDDD

Hmm... anything else. Oh yes. Inspiration has come back to play Juliet again.... ;___; Nnhhh. By the way people the second musical got subbed too.


Nov. 30th, 2006 06:17 pm
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Ooooookay, chinese teacher will remember me for her entire life now, for sure. XDDD

Okay, so we got our tests, and i got 19,5 points. 8DD Not much eh? Well, not enough for the D, cause for that i need 20 points. XD And when she said that, i was like: "WTF?! Only a half point, WWWHHHHHHHYYYYYYYY??????!!!!!!!!! GAAH!!!" and i was loud. 8DDD There was a few minutes silence, before the teacher said, that the people who've got half points, she will round it up. That means i have 20 point, AND THAT I PASSED MY CHINESE EXAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *_________________________________________*

KYAAAAAAH~~~~~~~~  I'm soooooo happy~~~~~~~~~~~~~ X3333333


Nov. 26th, 2006 01:20 pm
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WOOOOOOO............. *3* NARUTO FILLERS WILL AND AT FEB 15TH. ............. 8D i know everyone knows it, but still........ 8DDD yay yaaaaaay~~~

today we bought a new microwave oven, and a new too, and yay, there's chocolate liqueur in the fridge, yay i'll sleep good tonight.

so, i'm troubled because of a few things.....

1., school, omg since friday i haven't studied a thing, cause i was busy...... social life fuck you fuuuck you!!! 
2., oh god my english is horrible....... *sobs sobs sobs*
3., my japanese is horrible.............!!! T______________T
4., ...................
Still, i know i should feel down and stuff, but....... but somehow i can't...... >.> Or don't want to. 8DDDDD Something's wrong with me for sure. XDDD

Hmm, aaaaand...... uh, what i wanted to say.....? Mh, dunno...... *shrugs*

nya, off to see a movie then i should write my 'sakubun' for Seiji-san (oh gawd the sadist, the sadist...... =_____= )


Nov. 16th, 2006 01:31 pm
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I DID MY CHINESE EXAM~!!! IT WAS AWFUL, AND I WON'T PASS, BUT WHO CARES~~~? 8D Well. me after i go home, but now i'm hyper~~~ XDDDD CHINESE WILLL RULE DA WORLD!!!! *gets shot*


now, i have to write my rethorics HW. 8DDDD

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.......................... *stares at the ceiling, drool dripping from her mouth*

i've had enough........................ if i had to..... read write translate or anything...................... in chinese......... i will. fucking. kill. someone.

................ ...... okay it's not that bad actually......... it's just...... TOO MUCH.................... *dizzy* it makes my brain melt....... really. Miya can say it....

guuuhhhhhhh...... and i'm hungry ( AGAIN..... wtf is with me?! i ate today...! a soup..... >.> ) still...... i'm tired and hungry........ *sighs*

But tomorrow it will end..... i will write that idiotic chinese... test......... and just have to wait two....... err one month for another one..... 8D yeah......

Oh, yeah, i bought pens today, cause all of my pens just disappeared ( or were ugly...... 8DD ) And and. and... omg I'm...... not sane, so.. yes, i wanted to buy a pink pen, so everyone in the family would know that pink is MY colour and won't take my pens away... okay, but when i saw, that they has this type of pen in blue, and orange too...... i... bought that ones too. So now, i have a blue, an orange, and a pink pen. If you're a Narutard you know... 'who they are'......................

.....omg, i fail...........  XDDDDDDDDDDDD

*goes back staring at the ceiling*


Nov. 12th, 2006 11:15 am
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Well all in all, this was a very fluffy week. Yeah, really, i really enjoyed it, hope the next week will be like this too. ^^ Maybe it's because i like what i'm studying. Okay, sometimes i'm a little lazy to study, but not because "the teacher is an idiot" or " guuuah this is bullshit...!" but because i'm really tired, and wanna sleep, or draw, or just being lazy of course. XDDD

Yesterday i studied for my chinese exam..... it's hard, and the kanjis are a bit different then the japanese kanjis, and the end of the day i couldn't remember how to draw them, but in a strange way i liked it....  no, no the part where i was all "GRRRRRGRRRGR HOWTHEFUCK DO YOU WRITE 'ZHOU' WITH KANJI?!?!?!" but the part where i sit down and studied... Wow, it was a strange feeling. That i'm... studying and i like it. oO;; *sigh* Well, yes, maybe i'm nuts. XD
Oh and someone sent and sms, with those silly "Send it to 4 friends or the next four years will be unlucky for you." things... well i sent only ONE sms, BACK to that someone, cause it was only the number, saying if s/he EVER send me things like this again, i'll track him/her down a kill him/her. (Yes i was a BIT frustrated. ) I haven't got any answers yet.

And i still need a teacher for my japanese or else, i won't go to second year.

And, because everything was fine, and i noticed, that maybe i can make time for other things and stuff, maybe i should continue RPing. Of course Ash had a little role in it too..... So, i decided to....... well, i'm planning to go back to[ profile] ninjuh_houze after my chinese exam next week... Yes, i fail. ^^;

.. *w*

Oct. 19th, 2006 10:18 am
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.......................... *sighs*

My first exam is over....................... now a few months..... errr...... i mean weeks later will be another one! Seiji said there will be an exam from 'keigo' too.... i should hurry up and study that one too. ( even though the japanese guests said it's horribly hard.... but they cheered for us, 8D )
I should read the things for literature too...... and take back the books to the library, and stuff like this , and omg omg finally i'll be able to sleep....... *-*  a little...... yeah a little, omg omg. *kicks books*

But wow actually this exam felt really good. Maybe i'm going crazy, but it WAS good. >.> It's a little questionable if i get at least C.. or D...... though, but wow as i wrote down the answers things came back from grammar school.... OO;;; i mean how my History teacher shouted at my face that the things i wrote is bullsh*t...and how you should write an essay, and you have to write tha FACTS not the DAMN *beeeep*s XDDDD ..... i felt exactly the same... but oh well, i'm fucked up like that. XD
And China's ancient history is interesting, but....... the exam is different..... yeah. XD *gets shot*

....... *loves HIK's comps* X333 The registration is FREE for a YEAR ( and it's not a big money if i have to pay either), and i can use the comps, the library, and stuff here~ OMG AND THE CANTEEN...........! *drools over the sandwiches* i love this place. X333

................ GUH GOTTA GO...!! *runs to catch his chinese language class*

P.S.: AH! AND I FINALLY KNOW WHAT WILL MY RETHORICS HOMEWORK BE!!!!!!!!!! *___________* SHINSENGUMI!!! I'm gonna make a presentation that if they were heroes or killers.... X33 and i'll mention their famous adaptations too: Rurouni Kenshin, and Peace Maker Kurogane. XDDD *gets bricked* SO IF ANY OF YOU HAVE SOME.... books/links/ANYTHING about the group seeeeend it to meeeee.......! *puppy eyes*


Oct. 4th, 2006 06:51 pm
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so then, i saw the DN anime's first ep in RAW

Uwah it was frightening. I came home early, and after dinner i though i'll rest a little, cause i was sleepy. =_= But it's weird cause i'm not staying up late, really. o.o;; So i slept a little.... (4hours actually. =_= ) and when i woke up i thought: "OMG OMG I'LL BE LATE FROM SCHOOL!!!" Cause i thought it's in the morning.... I don't want to go tomorrow.... it's the hardest day on the week. Okay the classes starts at 8:00a.m. so that means i have to get up at 6:00a.m. We start with three hours of ancient China's history, then with a five minutes break we continue with two hours of chinese language learning, then break last till we go to that other room and have one hour of A FUCKING BORING CLASS, it's about how they started writing in the past...... =___= Then, one hour sleeping, aka break, and another two hours of rhetorics.............. everyone is dead by then...... That's Thursday's schedule....... i so hate it... =_= 

Guh........... i think i go back sleeping now......... bed is such a fluffy, soft place to be~~~~~


Sep. 30th, 2006 06:10 pm
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*sips tea* Well hello there, little ones~!!!

I thought i should do an actual post..... Like how am i, what am i doing and stuff like this. XDD

So..... i started school (three weeks so far) and i think, it's hard, but i won't drop out, because i promised to myself, and everything. And i sooooo don't know where i would go, because i'm stupid.... @_@ My first exam is from the Ancient China's history and it will be on october 19th, because the teacher'll go to China for a half year. Oh life i so love you. =_= And when i told this to mom, she was like: "OMG OMG OMG Your FIRST exam!!!!!!! *spazzes*" ...................... weird...... XDD
But other than that, i think i'm really enjoying it. Cause i haven't started studying that much yet. XDDDDDD So weird cause Ruka and Miya were studying like hell i feel like an idiot next to them. >.> I'm hanging out with Orsi and Tio (Eszter) and we're okay i guess. I trying to talk to my other classmates too, but well they has their own friend's circle, and it's a bit hard to "broke in". And omg, someone doesn't have friends at all.......!! i mean in class..... He thinks he is so cool, just because he can speak, and read, and stuff in japanese. =_= Always carrying around a japanese book, and reading it.... and if you're looking at him he's like if he just slapped you, and saying "Go to Hell, stupid n00b, i don't want scum around me, and my precious japanese studies." He reminds me of Sasuke, but he looks ugly. >.> Well fuck him. XD
There's a girl that does kendo, and stuff, and everyone is so nice. But sometimes i feel like a dropout, really. ^^; Just like in HS... maybe i feel a bit stupider... *sigh* Hope i can change it.
And wai we had our first 'meeting' with Miya and Ruka yesterday. We plan this meeting will be take place on every week on Friday, and it'll be fun~~~ talking about things that happened on the week, and stuff. ^^

I was sick, but i think it got getter now, since i can breathe and everything. ^^

Ah yeah, and next week there'll be a con~ Yay yay~ Going to cosplay of course (going to be sick again i so know it XDDD) will be put pictures up. Aaaaahhhh i found a really cool digital camera, it's cheap too, hope i can buy it.................... somehow. XD Maybe for Christmas....... >.> But no i want a japanese electronic dictionary. @_@ *sigh*

And tomorrow, we'll style Dev's wig for her Greed costume, and my wig too, hope we can do it. ^^

So then i think i wrote everything........ hmmm, if there's more, i'll post again of course, omg i need more tea. XDD


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