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Neither of us had any money. But then we were like... FUCK IT. Yes.



under the cut cuz it's long XD )
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So they told me I can be too smart for a job and that's why they won't hire me...

Can you believe it...

Too. smart.

I just...

I srsly have no idea about the working of our world anymore, I'm going to go and play more Pokémon... at least I know how to do that. A skill of mine. I should srsly list it under my skills.
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Today I met with people I didn't really want to and I lost a bit of my faith in humanity.

So. Yesterday, job interview. fuck yes. Customer service and customer thingies. Yay. I kinda knew something was fishy because it didn't seem that proper of a job interview, they weren't even curious about anything, really. They just asked what I want to work. I couldn't answer. They asked if I like people. I almost said that you shouldn't ask me on my period about ppl, but OH WELL. So they said how about a try-out day and I said yes. I kinda knew this might not be my kind of thing but I wanted to experience how it is to deal with customers and all, because I might be able to do it.

What I imagined: customers come to me about problems, or anything like that and I handle them. That wasn't all that bad I guess.
What I got: well... not this. =_=

So. ok I arrive to the office I did the interview. Yay. I buy food because hard day and yes. Then they assign me to this WOMAN saying she'll guide me through my first day, and that I only have to just watch how she's working. I'm like ok, fun. Yay... And like, tried to be all social, and smiling and fuck yeah how is your morning. But it's still difficult when there are like a group of ppl who know each other and trying to get into the working mood and all... and then we set off. I was like wtf where are we going.They said we're going to one of the plazas where the T-point is. Because they work with T-mobile, and I'm like ok it must be because it's a customer service of T-mobile.... and then I asked if they pay for the public transport and the woman looked at me like im crazy, saying DUH OF COURSE NOT??? WTF?? and then an other girl joined us as we set off. But first I got told how I'm not "elegant enough" because I was wearing a pretty white sweater and not a blouse or suit. I said I thought I'm elegant enough but they just scoffed. And the woman said I'm going ot have to get a ticket, and I thought she was joking, lololol, why would I want to pretend Im waiting in line... As we set off they started chatting and laughing and omg omg dofgsdkfg kadjfgbajldfgb and I was like 'yeah... party... yay' I thought I'm gonna cry on the subway because fuck I felt so alieanted but I thought its because I'm not working with them and of course I'm an alien. Chill.

So we arrive. They chat. I'm like haha.. yeah.. funny... we go in, and we put our stuff down in that mini place for the workers and then a woman there's like FUCK. I ALREADY TOLD YOU NOT TO BRING MORE PEOPLE UGH WE DONT HAVE PLACE FOR NEWBIES and like started ranting as if I wasn't there and I was like........ ok. right. fucking... great. Then as they changed I asked about working hours and dinner time and all because that's important AND THEN the woman's got all "the fuck are you talking about" and looked at me as if I'm an idiot and then she asked if they didn't tell me and I said, welll apparently not? And she said this is an agent work, without fix pay, you get paid after the customers YOU bring and there are NO working hours you work as much as you want.

And I got a shock there, because WHAT. THAT SO WASN'T WHAT THEY TOLD TO ME. THEY SAID THIS IS CUSTOMER SERVICE NOT FUCKING DIRECT MARKETING. And apparently it was, and the woman asked if I still want ot see how this works and I was like yeah bitch you dragged me half the city here I KINDA WANT TO SEE NOW. And I saw she was going all "fuuuuuck..." so we go out to the customer area, people looking at phones and all, and the woman said YOU STAY HERE and gone and went to get me a ticket. I. GOT. AN ACTUAL. TICKET. BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T WANT TO DISGRACE THEMSELVES WITH ME BECAUSE I DIDN'T LOOK "ELEGANT" ENOUGH. I JUST... I was standing there for 15 mins, I got told off twice by her during that time ("Dare to call me an agent again and I'll smack you" and the "Don't lean against the wall") and  watching her going to ppl and then I said that ok. this is it. sayonara. and left.

What annoys me the most that the person who signed me up for this lied to me about the job, and when I come and it's clear it's not my type of job they still handle me like... a stain on their shoes and not like an actual, maybe desperate person. I know the world is cruel but fuck them. I didn't need this, at all. Just because you need money and see me as competition which I so wasn't you don't have to act like this. Fucking. assholes.

Fuck everyone I met today. *snuggles with her tea*

and, this is the most disgusting type of job I've ever seen. Like it's not even T-mobile it's for City Bank. THEY GO TO T-MOBILE POINTS, AND PRETEND THEY JUST WALK AROUND HELPING ABOUT PHONES BUT NOPE, THEY JUST WANT TO SELL YOU CITY BANK CREDIT CARDS. IF THERE IS A LOW.... THEN THIS IS IT.
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I should srsly stop being so damn surprised when they don't get back to me after a good interview... Oo;

I- I should really stop.

And- and even when I KNOW  they won't call me I'm still like 'whaaaaaaa' I just...

god. fucking. damn it.
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i am so fucking done with everythinggggg
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Peter Hale icons

1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.
7. 8. 9.
10. 11. 12.
13. 14. 15.

I'm awful with icons but I quickly needed some Peter icons for RP. So I figured I share them because we can't have enough Peter. :D
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Obligatory RENT soundtrack for the soundtrack of my life right now. XD *bricked*


Apr. 10th, 2013 09:02 am
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Ez az idő rohadtul nem segít a hangulatomon, ok.


Jan. 21st, 2013 02:23 pm
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My collegaue is joking that the highlight of our day is dinner...

And I suddenly thought that I don't want this. I don't want to live a life where the highlight of my days is dinner. :| That's awful.
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well okay.

Update. Sorry, the picture from Belgium will be a bit later. I need to settle into a few things.

First of all I've got  a job.... Trial period, for three months. Or, well, officially it's two months. 8D

It's so not what I imagined as my first workplace, but it put me to a challenge alright, because it's not really a thing I've done before... I'm basically an online marketing assistant at a small company. Well, I will be if I stay and if they won't decide to get rid of me. My first day was cool--er than I expected but still, I have to learn a lot. It's uni all over again. I got a few stressed moments, and a panic attack in the morning, but all was fine and dandy. 8D....... If anything, at least I get paid at the end of the month. and I have stuff to do. Even if it has nothing to do with Japanese...

Actually, I would stay in a heartbeat judging by the first day, but I'm still not sure because 1., it was the first day, duh... 2., they said if I stay, I need to stay at least two years. And that fucks up my plans about the Japanese scholarship that I still want... That will be the hardest for me to decide I think. But I have three months for it. Go me...

On an unrelated matter... a politician in Hungary said, that the solution for domestic violence is if the WOMEN go back from working, and trying to prove themselves and go and give birth to two three or more (he even said FIVE) children and raise them, so the Hungarian population will grow.

My first thought was WHATHTEFUCK.  What he said is like 'The solution for the global warming is if the fishermen would stop fishing for tuna.' It's... ITS NOT MAKING SENSE. Not at all. Thankfull the general opinion about it is the same as mine that WHADDAFUCK MAN THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS. But it's awful, that people who're supposed to see the best for us, and try and lead a country and such are THIS PRIMITIVE.

I know that the argument between women and men, and about a few related matters like abortion or the dilemma for a woman that she should go and have a career or kids is, like, eternal, and the hardest thing to solve. Let alone abortion, birthgiving is already a very private, and a very difficult matter already... I think even if a woman would LOVE to have children all her life, it's still a hard decision, it's already a stressed thing for women and when people go and talk shit like this it's just making it worse.
Alright, maybe only for me, but I think it's a huge matter. Of course I could choose not wanting to have kids, and my life would be easier and I would overlook these matters, but the thing is I want kids and as longer I think about it, it's just becoming more and more clear that it's going to be effin' difficult.

Okay I just wanted to say that... this man was saying something stupid and unrelated about a matter; blamed women and brought in the childbirth issue too, and I got very worked up about it. I know it's bit unrelated even... But it's not that women doesn't want kids, I repeat, it's not about them not WANTING to give birth, but it's not just about WANTING to do it, there needs to be money, background, the feeling of safety, so the kid or kids won't end up stupid, soulless idiots like a few examples around. I'm sorry for not wanting to raise my children in a trashcan and it's awful, that every time any family matter comes up, primitice assholes are always bringing up this issue too.

What's with men and blaiming women for everything, srsly now. Sorry that we intimidate you in your Plan for World Domination. Of course I know, that not everyone like this, but the issue is still there.
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Yes, so in the summer I went to Belgium too, to visit Evy again. 8DD And to eat fries and chocolate and just being all fangrily and watch more castles and stuff. XDD And get soaked in the rain, and cold. *bricked*

It got long. XD )
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I need to prepare for months of unemployment. TAT

HOW DOES ONE DO THAT! I'm already going mad...
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Hi peeps!

So I'm back from Rome too, so soon there will be a few posts about Belgium, then Rome. 8DD And then some more. XD

So just a sign that I'm still alive, and yay.

edit: Oh and I didn't got the job I did the interview. IT was a job at teh Hungarain Japanese Embassy, a good one, and I didn't get it. T_T Sad...


Jul. 12th, 2012 10:45 pm
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The most important news of these days, that I didn't pass the interview, so I'm not going to Japan next year... But I can still try again! Actually I figured it will be like that, because my research plan was indeed shit... XD So I wasn't that surprised, but it would have been nice to pass. :3 Oh well.

In other news, I've been to the doc with my dizziness. It's not my neck, and neither my vision, now we're waiting for my blood test. But I'm actually feeling better this week, so it really might have been some leftover stress. It's actually amazing I needed more than a month to get over my final exam... >>; And it might not have ended.

Now I'm on a job hunt. I could have started it before too, but I was waiting for the results of the interview before I start anything. Now I'm either getting a job, or take this course I'd like to, but I'm really frustrated about money, so I think I try to get a job and pay for my stuffs I'd still like to do...

I'm very careful of what I'm going to do now, because somehow I have a feeling if I'm not doing it right now, I'll mess up for the rest of my life, and I don't want that... And I know it's stupid, but still. 8D Give me a break. XD

ANYWAY, NEW HAIR!!!! *bricked* And somehow it looks awful when I take a pic of it, so no pic. But it looks great. 8DDD


Jul. 4th, 2012 11:37 am
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Okay I don't know.

I'm dizzy for a few weeks now.

Not blood pressure because lying down didn't help, and either drinking coffee or working out. Nothing helps at this point.

Nothing I eat, or drink helps. No medicine helps. Not eating doesn't help either.

The worst fucking thing is I have no idea what this could be, and I really didn't want to go to the doc because of this but I guess I will have to and that is scaring the living shit out of me.

I just had to write this down because it really frustrates me.
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I forgot to write this yesterday but the area of my university and the city library what is right in front of it was closed down because of the recording of Die Hard 4. XD Bruce Willis and his crew just loves to mess with us lately. XD

Anyway, so I was walking the stairs from the underground and then suddely, stairs are locked down I went all wtf they must be renovating AGAIN or something, and when I went up I saw that all the streets were closed down, and there were camera staff and other things around-- and I'm not sure those tiny streets were looking okay after those huge trailers had left-- So I got all panicked that ADGSDFGADFG WHAT WHAT NO NO NO NO I NEED TO GET TO MY EXAM THAT WILL IN TWO HOURS--- And two staff guys spotted me when I was doing the panicked pigeon in the park dance and asked if I'm going to the library or the uni and I said uni and I have graduation exam and omg how can I get there?! They let me pass there, and wished me good luck! XD

I don't know but it's kinda epic that on my final exam they were recording Die hard there......... Even if it probably won't be good movie. XD

I took some pictures too because we could hang out a bit inside, and when we realized that all the titles were changed to RUSSIAN and they erected a huge soviet THING in the middle of the square it was just weird.......

See that thing with the star? That's not usually there-- and we didn't even notice it first but I guess we were still under the FUCK WE DID IT spell. XD

Yep, all russian. Except a few smaller signs. And the offer of menus of the close-by restaurants remained english/hungarian. XD

You walk down this street and there is my uni and the library.

Surreal day, yep.

And I'm sill feeling sick... what is this. ;;


May. 10th, 2012 11:06 am
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I am so lazy... Or I don't know, but I just woke up... ;; I must be stressed too or something... Gah.

In other news I'll have a graduation exam in a month. Will be hard as hell with these new rules.


Apr. 20th, 2012 11:12 am
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Apr. 10th, 2012 11:07 pm
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............. I don't know maybe I was tired or something, but when they accused me I stole something from that jewelry shop I got damned angry................. I may have not handled the situation that well, but UGH.

So like I wanted to look for a headband. I go in, I look around, then leave. Gate beeps. Fuck, what the fuck. Gate beeps again, lady comes. She doesn't say anything, she just stares. It was the typical JUST GET ON WITH IT AND NO ONE GETS HURT, I WON'T SHOUT WITH YOU IN FRONT OF CUSTOMERS, GIVE ME BACK WHAT YOU TOOK. and I was just staring too. So we were just staring at each other like retards. But then I couldn't take it anymore...
"What now?" I asked.
"You should tell me you took something, so we can match it down and I don't have to call the--"
"BUT I DIDN'T TAKE ANYTHING!" I wasn't shouting, but I'm sure my voice was slightly hysteric... And she had gone back staring again. GAH. And then I snapped. I asked where I can pack the stuff from my bag so she can see I don't have any of the things she thinks I have, But she wasn't saying anything. I think that was just the worst she could do... I got all crazy.... Oh look, this is my jacket's pockets, and this is my skirt's pocket, and look, look, my bag has smaller pockets here here and here, look this is my pad, my perfume, my mechanical pencil, oh yes, my McDonalds coupon, do you want to see more, oh look this is a book, it has pages, look!!! Somehow the fact that she really thought I took something annoyed the hell out of me.
She let me go though, and I don't know if she believed me, or the slightly mad scene I just made her to let me leave because it was embarrassing for her and she couldn't handle it...

I'm just glad she didn't call the security, because I beeped in the next shop too. :| But they knew it wasn't me. 

Apparently, it was my new skirt though, I forgot to cut the chip off of it. *facepalms*

Now I can't go back to that shop ever..............................


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