Jan. 21st, 2011

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Just some.... things until I get sleepy enough to sleep. Just random infos.

Right now my tummy aches like hell, maybe because of the Chinese... Ugh.

I watched Jonas (yes the Disney series with the Jonas Brothers) and Jonas L.A. almost all the way. I still need the last three eps what was the main thing I was watching it all damnit.. Argh. I had a crush on Kevin, but now Nick is on first place. Go Nick!

I forgot the real point of this entry.

Lately I'm thinking a lot about children, and how is it to be a parent, and go all emotional when I see a kid and I really hope this thing passes soon because I don't want family, children, and getting parental, ANY TIME SOON no matter what my horoscope says. Even if I have an awesome horoscope. Totally. Go Cancers!

Fuck knew that two weeks of exams can kill RP muses. Hope they will come back. I like them.

I still can't remember someting I wanted to write--

I am planning to buy a ring on Saturday. Hope it will still be there... ;;

Am I social enough? I mean I know I'm not the most social around, and I like my alone time, but sometimes I wonder if I have too much alone time? But if I don't want to meet to people then I don't want to, and fuck will go if I don't want to go...

I didn't got a student job I thought will be a piece of cake because I'm smart and cute. Well looks like they thought differently. But actually I didn't really want to do it, I mean I would have had to work long days and deal with people what I just said I don't really like if I'm not in the mood and I'm very often not in the mood. So I'm trying to not to think about is as another failure. I can call them for other jobs of course, but this paid really good damnit. >>;

I passed all my exams and I still can't feel accomplished. Something is seriously wrong with me.

And now I'm going to sleep.


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