Feb. 10th, 2011

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Guess I should  update with stuff here. 8DDD

So Chinese new years has passed. Yay. 8DDDDD We were in the usuall visits in the zoo to take pics of the animals there. I have the pics on my comp so I'll try not to be lazy and upload them for ppl. 8DD It will be a zip because I gave up on photobucket. XD sigh.
That day was awesome tho we went to the zoo and then we went to Momotaro and ate ourselves full. Mor than full. XD and....... well.... might be just my imagination but ppl always comment on how much I eat..... ._. Its nto a good things especially that I tried on a dress I loved and I looked utterly fat in it. Yes since then I'm kinda gloomy. XD fuckitall.... I'll get the DDR again damnit.

Mmmm..... then yesterday we were on this presentation about scholarship, I arrived half an our late.... 8D thank you MÁV will love you forever. srsly. I only go in like one day on the week and you are able to be late on that exact day. thank you, yes, thank you. Anyway.... then we went to eat and played some billiards, and Air Hockey with the others... I LOVE AIR HOCKEY. :|||||||| thank god i didnt knew it back then or else all my damned money would be in it. XDDD

Sigh, I will be kinda glad that uni starting again... something I can occupy myself with.... and stress to death, yay. Always loved that... *rolls eyes*

I have cavities, again. I mean I know I have them all the time but this time this one looks like it might start to get hurt very much soon sooooooooooooooooo.............................................. yes.

I wonder why everything gets together when classes start? I swear nothing happened in these one month I was home. NOTHING. And now that uni starts next week EVERYTHING happens. Fuck you life.

I got a new haircut too, and it looks awesome now. 8D I freaked out over it when I left the hairdresser but now Im all ok! I ill have another freakout when she will dye it on monday I guess. XD Yes.

Anything else? Nah not really... I should tidy up my desk....


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