Jul. 14th, 2011

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Mmmm~~~~~~ FINALLY summer~~ *writing this from next to the pool* |DDDDD I love this~~ DGFGHD This is what summer supposed to be like~~~~~~~ |DDDDDD sdofigsdfjgaélhsf~~~

Aaaanyway, tomorrow I'm going to Belgium, to Evy's. XD Yeah that means a week hiatus from everything. :3 We will fangirl, and go to zoos, and visit chocolate museums, and be awesome~ My only problem is the weather... 8DDD It will be 16-20celsius in Torhout where we mostly will be. 8DD Gah Evy, the things I'm doing for you. XD That's why I decided to soak in the pool and outside the hot because i will miss it for a week and i bet when i get home it will be damned cold here too, its just my luck, so YAY POOL AND SUMMER!!!!!! AND THEN EVY!!!




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