Mar. 7th, 2012

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Mar. 7th, 2012 04:42 pm
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So I figured I should update here!

Lotsa thing happened, and I'm the busiest ever. Last Saturday I held my first ever conference presentation. I was stressing out over it for two weeks now, and it indeed wasn't as pro as I wanted it to be, but I'm over it, and people didn't threw tomatoes at me. Indeed, this one person said it was interesting and she suggested if I'd held it again for some other people... I was a bit baffled, because WHY WOULD THEY WANT ME TO PRESENT THIS SHIT AGAIN BUT OKAY. Maybe it wasn't as shitty.

Right now I'm chilling and sleeping a lot for some reason, and it annoys me. I had two days to rest but I'm still in resting mood and that's starting to get to me. I should do stuff, but I just can't get myself. XD I think the stress was really wearing me out too much, I'm glad it's ended. Now I really just have to focus on my thesis, and my translation. If my mood lets me.

Actually it won't be that difficult if I wouldn't have picked up drawing again... But oh well. I like doing it. And I already failed a thesis paper once, so nothing new would hit me if I fail this one too. XDD Yeah, I'd be depressed for a month and would call myself a failure for the rest of the year as I did with my first fail... 8D Nothing new there.

In other news, hmmm, oh I got Arashi's Time concert DVD. |DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD From Evy. |DDDDDDDDDDDDDD It saves lives. |DDDDDDDDDDDDD Heee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I discovered some new teas that I can't live without, and got some genmaicha from Natsu. She's a japanese girl who wrote me before she was coming to Hungary. She's really cute~ But in two weeks she'll go back to Japan again and I couldn't really spend time with them because of the conference. TAT

And right now my biggest problem is, how do I prove that Japanese people like to eat, and eating, and cooking shows, and that. Because apparently, they don't... But I know they do. I can't just write that! 'So because Japanese people like to eat' duh everyone likes to eat.... Yes I'm waking and sleeping with this question since, even if there are like hundreds of more concerning my thesis. XD YAY LITERATURE!

Omg this reminds me they should announce the Japanese scholarship too, soon. dkfgnskdfgjksf... I should get my research plan together for that one... somehow.

Oh, and I didn't pass JLPT again. Gah. BUT now I know which part sucked, and now I don't have to freak out only over that one particular part... Grammar. 8D Fuck grammar. XD


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