Jun. 19th, 2012

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I forgot to write this yesterday but the area of my university and the city library what is right in front of it was closed down because of the recording of Die Hard 4. XD Bruce Willis and his crew just loves to mess with us lately. XD

Anyway, so I was walking the stairs from the underground and then suddely, stairs are locked down I went all wtf they must be renovating AGAIN or something, and when I went up I saw that all the streets were closed down, and there were camera staff and other things around-- and I'm not sure those tiny streets were looking okay after those huge trailers had left-- So I got all panicked that ADGSDFGADFG WHAT WHAT NO NO NO NO I NEED TO GET TO MY EXAM THAT WILL IN TWO HOURS--- And two staff guys spotted me when I was doing the panicked pigeon in the park dance and asked if I'm going to the library or the uni and I said uni and I have graduation exam and omg how can I get there?! They let me pass there, and wished me good luck! XD

I don't know but it's kinda epic that on my final exam they were recording Die hard there......... Even if it probably won't be good movie. XD

I took some pictures too because we could hang out a bit inside, and when we realized that all the titles were changed to RUSSIAN and they erected a huge soviet THING in the middle of the square it was just weird.......

See that thing with the star? That's not usually there-- and we didn't even notice it first but I guess we were still under the FUCK WE DID IT spell. XD

Yep, all russian. Except a few smaller signs. And the offer of menus of the close-by restaurants remained english/hungarian. XD

You walk down this street and there is my uni and the library.

Surreal day, yep.

And I'm sill feeling sick... what is this. ;;


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