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Yes, so in the summer I went to Belgium too, to visit Evy again. 8DD And to eat fries and chocolate and just being all fangrily and watch more castles and stuff. XDD And get soaked in the rain, and cold. *bricked*

ANYWAY. I had to get up like fucking. early. for the plane because It departed at 6 in the morning and it meant I had to get up around 3 in the morning......... 8DD NOT. FUN.  Thankfully I got into the transit pretty fast so I could collapse down and rest. And I indeed needed it because they didn't let me sleep on the plane. :| It was a one and half an hour trip, so it meant they interrupted it in every 15 minutes with food and promotional stuff and I was very not happy for that. TAT
It was Wizzair, so I was arriving on a different airport than last time, a very small and unconventional one, but there was no other plane for that price and It was still cheaper with the train and bus and stuff. I was a bit worried if I'll be able to find the bus to the trainstation where Evy would pick me up, but I met a woman who was very open and helpful and talkative. And she was living in Antwerp but she was from Hungary. And I got to know that when I complimented her on her Hungarian... >>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;  Anyway, she helped me to get to the bus because she went to the same way, so it was no problem finding Evy too and all. Yay. SO WE WERE TOGETHER AGAIN, HEADING BACK TO TORHOUT. Two and half hour trip by train. XD

But, thankfully, we arrived early in the afternoon, so it meant we could go and start our sightseeing. So we went to a castle. 8D With the TARDIS *bricked* Okay, it's Evy's car, but it's blue, and it's the most loyal car every because you leave it somehwere and it stays there. 8DD We were laughing at this too much, maybe it's only funny for us. XD

So, yes, castle. But we couldn't go in, so we were taking a trip around it... the huge gardens, and the forest. It was a point in my life that I realized that Nature should go and fuck itself. XD Yes. It was muddy, and cold and wet and yes, pretty as hell, but we were not prepared for a muddy trip with out converses on........... But nonetheless, we saw pretty places. Like, the castle had this huge lake, and we could go around it, and it had a small boathouse~ It was so romantic. ;; Like, you can imagine ladies are in the boat with their umbrellas from lace and waving to the gentlemen.. |DDDD then pick one and they go on the lake together sdfgakdfgkjadfgkljadfgjkadfgkn~~~~
And then proceeded and suddenly BUNNY. There was a bunny in the grass! And it wasn't afraid of us! IT was just getting its lunch all chilling while we went tourist on its ass and took tonnes of pictures. XDDD Then when we arrived back to the parking lot there were more bunnies!! It's a bunny castle!!

That was the only thing we did on the day I arrived because I was really, really tired.... I went to sleep early too, because we went early to Brussels next day! We planned to check out the Natural History Museum because DINOSAURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD and I wanted to see at least a little but of Brussels, because I didn't have the time and opportunity the last time. It was cold and windy. XDD We had walked past the European Parliament too on our way to the museum so yep.
THEN WE ARRIVED TO THE MUSEUM AND WE WENT BACK IN TIME BEING LIKE... 8 AGAIN. We both had a Doctor who figure, and it meant that we were squealing over dinosaurs and made pics with the Doctor... 8DDD yes. That was actually true all over the trip. XD
One more highlight of the museum that we broke an interactive book thingie... It was projected on a white desk, and it was made as if it was a book and you coulg 'grab' a page and turn it, and we were very entertained by it, and when we wanted to make a video of it, it broke. 8D Stopped projecting........ so we hurried away, no one saw that ahhahahaaa... Played some very useful game about how you should raise a garden and what is good and what is bad, and it was good. XD

After the museum we figured we walk around a little, and find something to eat. Oh, I think we had a planned walking trip that Evy found somewhere on the net. I figured okay it's a tourist way so must be some place where we could eat without having to sell out souls. I was wrong. XD There were either cafés or... cafés. Yes. So we were getting very hungry as we were walking, but we had seen pretty places, and thankfully it wasn't raining all that much. It was warm, and sometimes ti was raining and it started our longest argument about buying an umbrella or not. I had an umbrella, but I left it back at Evy"s because I thought the rain won't be much and I didn't want to carry it all over Brussels. But I didn't want to go out of shelter when it was raining because I didn't want to get wet and maybe catch a cold, I didn't want it to ruin my trip... But Evy had no problem getting soaked, so we argued about the umbrella a lot. XD I didn't want to buy one, because the cheapest was 6euros, and I didn't had much on me. XD But then, in the end we made it through the day without an umbrella. XD
We had seen Manneken Pis, you know the Peeing Little boy? Not a big deal, but when you're in Brussels, you go and see that.Thankfully to the rain the crowd wasn't that huge.

The weather was like spring. It was warm, and when it wasn't raining it was very sunny, and the whole city looked like sparkling because of the leftover rain. IT was very pretty. ^^ Then we went to rest on a square and saw these huge weird planes cross it in ever other minute. Evy said they were practicing for the next day what was a national holiday for Belgium. So we could see that too, yay!! XD As for food we settled for some fast food restaurant at the station... XD

Next day, we went to a zoo, that was a huge park too. IT was. so. awesome. On the way there, the train had stopped on a ghost train station. Like. NOTHING WAS THERE. NOTHING. WE COULDN'T EVEN READ WHAT STATION IT WAS. It was a Ghost station. O_O A GHOST STATION. We decided we'll take a pic when we go back.
So, we arrived to the zoo, and the very first thing they do to put this asshole bird, I mean parrot on our shoulders and take a pic. Well that son of a bitch parrot bit my neck the moment it got left on my shoulder..................................................... then the next moment some cricket or fly or what the thing ever fly straight into my face, and then I had to swipe off another bug of my pants...... Nature, sincerely, really... I know we are not in a good relationship, but why you must.... ugh anyway. XD  So this zoo is full with little gardens, and garden labyrinths, and it's so pretty. ;; It was divided by theme of the world, like there was a Japanese part and African, South-American, Indian... So. pretty. and so many things to see! I think we couldn't really check out the African part. The weather was the same as in Brussels, so it was fine.
But, we saw lot of animals and gay giraffes, and cute things. And submarines. And and... stuff... And then we arrived to this huge greenhouse what was so huge it had a restaurant in it!!!!!!!! D: So we went there to eat, and just rest because ugh, the places is big. And if I had knew what was waiting for me I would have eaten more, and more sugar................ Anyway, it was a great place, and we wondered why they put a huge net on the ceiling... But when the rain stopped and the glass roof opened we realized. 8DDDDDDDD It was so epic.....

Then, we arrived to this huge ass bridcage.... It was huge. Very big, and very pretty. The flamingos were pink and looking like a flamingo should look, but the weird thing was that hte storks' wings were a bit pink too, so they must eat the food for the flamingos too... XDDDDDDD  And then there was still small little rope bridge. LET'S GO ON IT, EVY SAID, IT WILL BE FUN, EVY SAID. Well guys I don't know but I screamed my lungs out on that thing... XDDDDD IT WAS LONG, AND UNSTABLE, AND THESE LITTLE SHITS OF CHILDREN THOUGHT IT'S FUN TO MAKE IT SWING AND SEND ME TO SCREAM FOR MY LIFE.... I don't know, I don't know, of course it was safe, but I just ugh.. XDDDDD It took us to the Chinese part of the park, and as we were IndianaJones-ing on it the clouds started to get darker and we seen thunder too and all, and I got all I AM NOT GOING TO BE ON THIS THING WHILE THE STORM HITS, I AM. NOT. GOING TO STAY ON THIS. But luckily, we were heading the end, it decided how funny it will be to troll us. On the last passage there were these obstacles that were FUCKING DANGEROUS TO OLD FARTS LIKE ME. Like, climb down on this place using this rope, and then walk through this thin piece of wood over there, oh and look this is a ROPE TUNNEL. WELL FUCK YOU. I DID IT. The feeling of arriving was compared to when these people reach the peak of Mount Everest or something! XD

So after all those adventures we looked around in the Chinese part of the park, while the storm was already starting with heavy rain. But the best part, that when it got really bad, just before that we could find a small pagoda in a bamboo forest. 8DDDDDDDD It was sooooo cozy... Like, there is rain, you're surrounded by bamboos, and the sight is amazing. |DDD When the rain stopped we could go on al |DDDDDDDD. We had seen the aquarium too, what's highlight was the JELLYFISH ROOM. IT WAS A ROOM WITH JELLYFISHES, AND AND AND THEY PUT MIRRORS IN IT SO IT LOOKED SO PRETTY. There wasa huge terrarium whith these smaller jellyfishes and two smaller one with colorful and cute jellyfishes... ;; sdfkéghsdjkfgbsjkldfgb so calming and so pretty!!!

Then there was this staircase what really had me. It was so beautiful and maybe it was a replica of a ship's staircase from the 1800's or so, and I LOVED IT. There was this huge mirror at the botton of the stairs, and therailing was absolutely fantastic, and damn it there was background music too. And actually tehre was faint background music everywhere we went, even in the pagoda. They were playing traditional Chinese music. And in this staircase I think they were playing some pretty tunes from Titanic............... XD The next mention-worthy thing was the batcave. *waits until everyone gets out the Batman.jokes and laughs and stuff, okay* So batcave... XD That was our main  destination, and another thing that made me go all HOLYCRAPNONONONO, because. You. You went in and suddenly BATS. LIKE. FLYING AROUND FREELY AROUND YOU WHOOSHING PAST YOU AND STUFF. and you had to go through the whole room to get to the exit and I so couldn't do that--- THEY WERE BATS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. ALL FREE AND LIKE, INCHES FROM YOUR HEAD, OH NO MISTER, NO. NO. So, whe we were out I was happy we could see the bats without me freaking out too much... 8DDDDDDDDDDDDD

Next day we went back to Brugges, because I like that city, and it's pretty, and I needed to get the presents for the family. XDDDD We looked around, visited places we did, and they were open finally. XD WE found the shop of the monastery and it was huge, and we were all giggly and giddy because we are in an angel phase right now, so yes. XD But then......... then we saw something that was epic-- I means... ACTION FIGURES.............................. FROM THE BIBLE. Their motto was "PLAY OUT SCENES FROM THE BIBLE." We were srsly mindblowed because ACTION FIGURES OF MOSES, AND NOE, AND JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MEAN. I DON'T KNOW. XDDDDDD

As for lunch we went back to the same Japanese restaurant we went last year. XD because SUSHI~ And we were wondering if we should visit the Tower AGAIN. Because we went twice last year, but we decided against it. XD We were tired as hell. But that didn't mean we wasn't visiting it. 8DDD Obligatory. So we were walking around and decided to visit this other church we couldn't last time. It was pretty, and all. And I was taking pictures when a woman said that I can't take pics of THAT part of the church but it's fine about the other parts. I was like wtf.... okay. But wondered why is that. I thought there was some important picture or something there, but no... Apparently, there was a container with Jesus Christ's blood in it. I didn't know that!
Anyway, we decided to rest a little so we went forward and sat down. BUT WE JUMPED UP THE NEXT SECOND BECAUSE ONE OF THE SONIC SCREWDRIVERS STARTED ACTING UP. Because yes, we were carrying a sonic screwdriver, one by each of us, because you can't leave the house without some sonic... but it's not used to woman bags, so it gets impatient and noisy. So there was flailing and fishing for the damn thing for a few minutes while it was going all sonic... XDDDD I don't remember which one was it, I think Evy's tho. XD But it was epic.

We had fun with the sonics, tho, we soniced every lock and box we could find, and while Evy was sonicing some  huge sculpture someone walking by recognized what is it. XDDDDD We were so happy.

More walking around, and I didn't care it was the middle of the summer, if a shop says that it has the best hot chocolate ever, then you go and taste that shit. IT WAS YUMMY. >_<;

We arrived back early so we could play a little with Evy's DW figure collection. 8DDDDDD I tried not to drool too much.

Next day was dedicated to some resting more, and a visit to the nearby castle what we liked. XD Actually we liked the garden of it too so that's why we went but then it happened that the owners didn't like people going in the garden so it was prohibited. T_T And the castle itself wasn't that interesting......... and the guiding girl asked why we came here and we went OH IT'S OUR SECOND TIME HWERE BECAUSE WE LOVE CASTLES, AND WE WENT UP THE TOWER TWICE TOO BECAUSE CASTLES AND TOWERS AND STUFF IS SO NEAT. and she looked at us funny. 8D We had to watch the dutch movie again about the castle"s history too gah. XDDDDD

So we couldn't go in the garden near, but we could hang out the forest not much further. What was... a bit boring. And it was hot. XD And we were both tired. But we walked a lot, and it was pretty... but not that much. I think we were just disappointed we couldn't walk around the castle. XD After it we went back to the car, and went to the other forest near Evy's, what we like, and it's pretty too. There was a religious place there too what can be used as a church and it had rooms for parties and stuff like that too and we went and ate some weets from the buffeet. yum~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

NEXT DAY IT WAS THE BEACH. *-* AND IT WAS BEACH WEATHER. AND FUN AND YAY. And I got a bit bitchy because my hormones were acting up and it was hot, and I was wearing converse........ It meant I couldn't go and play in the water. and had to spend half an hour to get the sand off my feet before I put them back on. TAT
We went in a shop and I spotted those bubble thingies... you know it's a bottle with liquid and you can blow bubbles with it................. I don't know what its called. But I got one. AND I WAS BLOWING BUBBLES ALL DAY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IT WAS SO FUN Halfway Evy got one too so we blew bubbles. XD And we didn"t even have to blow them, we just held the thing up and the wind was blowing all the bubbles, and it was so much fun omg. >.<;;;;
My only regret was that we eat in Pizza Hut while not far from the shore they were selling all the fish I wanted to eat... ;; sigh.
We went on a ship cruise too, and it was so calming we almost fell asleep... XD THe sun was shining a lot, there was no cloud on the sky so... we got a bit burned. XD Evy was fine, except her legs, and my shoulders got burnt too but it was fine. UNTIL WE GOT TO ROME AND I BURNED AGAIN, AND WHEN IT CAME OFF IT LOOKED LIKE THE BATMAN SYMBOL...........

While we were there Evy said that there is a Japanese Garden nearby, so we visited that too and we got the same vibes as from the Chinese pagoda, it was so good~~ We chilled near a bench under a tree. XDD

And that was for the trip. The next day I was going home, and we read it on the aiport page, that you have to be the re 3 hours earlier.... we weren't happy but we went. And it was all in vain because they didn't open the gate earlier but all the people were there and it was fucking full and awful. Evy couldn't wait with me because she had to get home in a proepr time,  so she left and then I was waiting three damned hours............... Ugh. But the way back home was alright.

So it was fun!!! When we weren't out we were chilling back at Evys and one night it was barbeque with many tasty things to grill, and it was great~ We were watching stuff, like DW or Arashi concerts, I was playing on her 3DS, and got my ass kicked by those stupid ghosts in the game....

So all in all, it was really fun, again~ I'll put the pictures up in an other post later. ^^

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