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Mar. 7th, 2012 04:42 pm
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So I figured I should update here!

Lotsa thing happened, and I'm the busiest ever. Last Saturday I held my first ever conference presentation. I was stressing out over it for two weeks now, and it indeed wasn't as pro as I wanted it to be, but I'm over it, and people didn't threw tomatoes at me. Indeed, this one person said it was interesting and she suggested if I'd held it again for some other people... I was a bit baffled, because WHY WOULD THEY WANT ME TO PRESENT THIS SHIT AGAIN BUT OKAY. Maybe it wasn't as shitty.

Right now I'm chilling and sleeping a lot for some reason, and it annoys me. I had two days to rest but I'm still in resting mood and that's starting to get to me. I should do stuff, but I just can't get myself. XD I think the stress was really wearing me out too much, I'm glad it's ended. Now I really just have to focus on my thesis, and my translation. If my mood lets me.

Actually it won't be that difficult if I wouldn't have picked up drawing again... But oh well. I like doing it. And I already failed a thesis paper once, so nothing new would hit me if I fail this one too. XDD Yeah, I'd be depressed for a month and would call myself a failure for the rest of the year as I did with my first fail... 8D Nothing new there.

In other news, hmmm, oh I got Arashi's Time concert DVD. |DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD From Evy. |DDDDDDDDDDDDDD It saves lives. |DDDDDDDDDDDDD Heee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I discovered some new teas that I can't live without, and got some genmaicha from Natsu. She's a japanese girl who wrote me before she was coming to Hungary. She's really cute~ But in two weeks she'll go back to Japan again and I couldn't really spend time with them because of the conference. TAT

And right now my biggest problem is, how do I prove that Japanese people like to eat, and eating, and cooking shows, and that. Because apparently, they don't... But I know they do. I can't just write that! 'So because Japanese people like to eat' duh everyone likes to eat.... Yes I'm waking and sleeping with this question since, even if there are like hundreds of more concerning my thesis. XD YAY LITERATURE!

Omg this reminds me they should announce the Japanese scholarship too, soon. dkfgnskdfgjksf... I should get my research plan together for that one... somehow.

Oh, and I didn't pass JLPT again. Gah. BUT now I know which part sucked, and now I don't have to freak out only over that one particular part... Grammar. 8D Fuck grammar. XD
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Esküszöm, esküszöm, ha még egyszer elbaszok valamit ezen a héten én idegösszeomlok. Komolyan. Ezt már nem bírom, valami iszonyatosan szét vagyok csúszva, rohadtul nem vagyok ezzel kibékülve.... Erre holnap dolgozom.


Feb. 4th, 2012 10:47 am
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I just wanted to use this icon, ahahahhaa~~~~~~ |DDD Because srsly, hng~

Okay, everyone can go on with your lives, try to avoid the snow and cold, I'm not going anywhere today either because of a quite annoying happening that occured yesterday while I was skating. 8D

No nothing serious, really. XD It's just those skates are still new and I hurt my leg in them SO MUCH ugh. XD Apparently it's called.... chafing....? Anyway, it means that I don't really want to put shoes on for a few days. 8D

So yes you can see I'm starting to stick with the Sherlock fandom, though not that much involved yet, I just like the pretty and the awesomeness and all the crack oh my god.

School starts soon and by soon I don't know when, but soon.... XDDD Wonder if I'll can stay creative during it, because yay I like drawing~ I missed it for like two or three years now, I mean I was drawing but not as much as I do now.

Oh and I applied for a conference with my thesis, I hope I won't make a fool out of myself on it. Somehow I still feel my thesis is a slightly bit stupid. Even if people keep telling me it's not. But maybe because I already looked into it a lot and I still have to look into it more, and collect more data and shit.... >>;

This is it~ Stare some more at the icon, then go on, go on~~
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Title: The dead hooker plan
Author: [ profile] suzimi
Fandom: Arashi x Supernatural
Pairing: mild Juntoshi
Summary: A crossover between two worlds, where monsters and Japanese pretty boys are real.
Rating: R
Warnings: blood, sex, crack, slight OOCness
Notes: I just wrote this for the lulz…
Beta: [ profile] puckyducky <3

The dead hooker plan )


Dec. 30th, 2011 01:29 pm
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Because I don't want my last post in the year to be whiny, I should talk about my Christmas presents...! 8D

I got a lot of awesome things omg~~~ Thank you guys, and mom~ Amongst many things I finally got ice-skates and tested them this Tuesday, failing miserably. XD It was one or two years since I was on ice and I can't do anything just... go. XD But I still love it, even if my whole left side is purple and I can't sleep on it. 8DDDDDDDDDD

I got tonnes of socks, yay socks~~ and warm and fuzzy plaids, hee, clothes, and Eleventh's sonic screwdriver, and Disney on Ice and omg~~~~~~~~~~ |DDDDDDD And tonnes of chocolate. Yesterday I managed to get sugarhigh, omg it was AGES since I went sugarhigh. XD I already can feel my teeth complaining... *sobs*

Annnd in other things, I wasn't making any New Year resolutions because I can't bear the stress to try and make them work, but this year I have one. And since I'm superstitious like that I won't tell what is it... XD It's not a big thing, but very useful.

Okay, then, Happy New Years~!!
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I dreamed that I was trolling around with Hugh Jackman, and it was awesome!! And we met with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, and Jared was high as fudge, and Hugh was laughing at them so hard........ Awesome dream is awesome.

So, Merry Christmas!

The drama-queen, messing-up-everything-just-because-i'm-jealous-and bitter-as-fudge!grandmaother comes to celebrate this Christmas with us. She never does that but I think she decided she wasn't causing enough trouble to mom this year so she decided to fuck up Christmas. Congratualtions, grandma. Enjoy the cold silence you will get, you deserve all of it~ I know Christmas is about love and all, but with her I just can't. :| My bro will escape the house leaving me and mom to deal with this mess until it's dinner time. Brilliant. I'm still at the point of how can grandmother be this evil.

But have a merrier Christmas guys!


Dec. 11th, 2011 06:44 pm
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Dear school,

When I was being like "OMG FREE TIME, I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY FREE TIME" I wasn't putting up a challenge, damn it. It was supposed to be over, I turned in everything I held all the presentations and all the things, and you can still expect me to do some MORE stuff on the last fucking week?

Have you gone mad?

You're seriously expecting me to do quality work in the last week?

I know it's not your fault entirely, regarding that amazing visit we'll get from that whatever comittee that will come visiting next week. I know we supposed to pretend we do shit on the last week. But still. NG. I'm already gone into lazy mode...

And work I love you. I love it I finally have some work, because yay moneys, but WHY NOW. WHY IN THE WORST POSSIBLE TIME. I have no idea how I'll survive Monday, Tuesday, guys. And then get in time for the Wednesday class which might be supervised by this comittee so I can't possibly play with my laptop, wtf. W.T.F Gnhhhhh.................................. Fuck last weeks!

And soon, Christmas is here. Christmas presents yay...! I mean, not for me, of course but fo others...... heh.......
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Omg today I was five years old again. XDDDD

There was a Japanese bazaar like thing at Vásárcsarnok, so I went to check it out. I was planning to get something fun for Christmas for my student too.

And I usually skip the guy with the wooden toys but today I don't know I guess I was just curious and finally could go in my own pace. So I went there and he immediately started telling that what these are and I should try some. He gave me one of the mechanical puzzles, and I got stuck there for a while with it. XD He never told me the solution. XD Then he gave me an other one, or more precisely he hooked the think in my coat... It was just a wooden stick and a rope for crying out loud AND I COULDN'T GET IT OFF. XD Then he helped, omg~~~~~~~ Then I looked around took some pics for my student (they came out SHITTY), got some mochi for her too, then went back to try more of the toys. XDD

Omg it was so much fun I could solve one all by myself!!!!!!!! 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Damn I srsly had so much fun. XD

(The string is NOT elastic, and yes you can take it off somehow... This was the time when I had no damn idea how to take it off.)

The one I finally bought was the one named 'Cat' and the 'Buttonhole lock (on blurry pic)'. 8D I will be carrying it around now, winning bets. HAH.

In other news... I'm a bit behind with my schoolwork. So I'm trying to get back on track now. Yesterday we got the results of the questionnaire we did for the japanese presentation class and geez.... all the first years are retards. And this is not just my antisocial self talking, no, all my classmates agree that all the 1st years has srs problems. I got 13 sheets and NONE of it was filled out right. not. one. of them. This is damn sad. It means not the department sucks, not the university, ITS THE PEOPLE. TAT Yesterday I was very annoyed by this, because it means that at least 30% of the data is corrupted because of the tardiness of the people. I can't believe this... This is SAD.  So today's play with the mechanical games made it all better thankfully.

My student is sick again. I think she is overdoing some things...


Old games

Oct. 26th, 2011 12:06 am
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*-*;;; SDFGDFHDGJSFGHDGH~~~~~~~~ The other day I started watching the walkthrough of Dead Space 2, and still in the middle of watching it, when I remembered something! An other game I loved when I was little, and suddenly really wanted to play it again!

It was King's Quest VII THE BEST OF THIS SERIES I SWEAR. OMG I loved it SO MUCH!!!! It's not using 3D but 2D graphics and it makes it so cartoony, and disney-like, and amazing, though a bit edgy. BUT I STILL LOVE IT. I LOVE IT EVEN IN THIS EXACT MOMENT. >_<;
So yes I decided I'll get it and play it again, since I could never finish it. Why? Because I was around 12 and the damned game was speaking GERMAN. I'm not speaking german at all, and never even learned, so I was just randomly clicking around back then. BUT NOW. NOW I GOT THE ENGLISH VERSION, AND INSTALLED IT ON WIN7, WHAT WAS A CHALLENGE ITSELF, BUT I DID IT. A bit messily, but did it. Damn  I was so excited, it was like Christmas, only better!!! I was 12 again!!! dfgklnadknadfg!!! I could play the desert world again, I could see the loony world, the fairies, the zombies, the Boogieman, THE VAMPIRE LORD, THE TROLLS AND LKADFGNAKJDFNGKSJDFG~~~ THE CRYSTAL DRAGON!!!!! AND THE WIND WHO IS A HORSE! THIS IS THE ONLY GAME WHERE YOU VISIT THE FATES, SEE FAIRIES AND HAS A QUEST WHERE YOU HAVE TO BRING BACK A ZOMBIE DOCTOR'S SPINE!!!!!! SO. DAMN. EPIC. Yyyes... I love the game. Love it. Did I mention I love it???
The only bad side of this nostalgia was that this game supposed to run on very slow computers, and there was a part that I couldn't make it work at all. So I spent two hours to get through it.... because I didn't want to skip the rest of the chapter. It has 7 chapters, and you can pick up anywhere but I wanted to play it from the beginning to the end!!!! So when all the tutorials and help pages told me I should skip that chapter or spend hours on getting my character over two screens with that bug I CHOSE TO SUFFER THERE FOR TWO HOURS. BUT IT WORTH IT. I SAVED THE FAIRY LAND FROM THE VOLCANO!!!! AND FOUND THE FAIRY PRINCE!!!! TAKE THAT BITCHES!

Loved it. I loved to play with it so much that I decided I will challenge another game of mine from my childhood. XD It was the Kyrandia game. The first one. Runs in DOS only. XD Well I didn't enjoy this much, but I wanted to finish it, because DAMN it started out interesting and good, and I was excited but they lost me at the labyrinth... BUT I FINISHED IT.  I SAVED KYRANDIA. It has a unique humor tho, but it's a VERY hard game, and you have to figure stuff out WITHOUT A CLUE. I was using help in a lot of places because I srsly didn't know what to do and when I read that I should do this and that I was like HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT?! And they put totally useless items in it too... wtf. No wonder I couldn't do anything with it back then.

|DDD Hee retro days~!


Oct. 14th, 2011 01:22 pm
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.... oooookay. Update!

Yesterday I met the girl I'll teach some Japanese, and she was cute a gem and was like twice as tall as me. 8D SHE IS FIFTEEN, WHAT ARE THEY EATING OR WHAT IS HAPPENING WTF, PPL BECOMING TALLER, WTF!!!!!! I was so nervous because this is my first time teaching someone anything, especially Japanese. It wasn't even me who wanted this but the girl's dad, because we live in the same town--- Okay, so it was like we were going home with mom together, and we were talking on the train and I ranted about the presentation I did on Wednesday. and when we got off the train the man who was sitting next to us asked me if I know Japanese, because he heard us talking about it. I said yes, and he asked if I could teach his daughter, and I said that 'ER.... YES. EVEN IF I HAD NEVER TAUGHT IN MY LI---" "OKAY. then here is my number, let me take yours and I'll call you" and so I got myself a student...! I was so freaked ou by it I asked everyone I could about how the hell I should teach stuff.... XDD  But the first time went good yes, she seems eager to learn and this might make my job easier.

And yay moneys~~ ;;

Then yesterday class were cancelled, again. Yes. Awesome. Anyway, today I was like by half an hour from class, thanks to train, really. and it happened we didn't read that text I was preparing for, but something different. Because people forgot to tell me that we didn't read anything last week, because I skipped last week's Friday to prepare for the con. So ugh... yes.

Then I get home, and the cocoa I wanted to drink was developing some primitive sign of life... It was a blob, ew, and I drank into it GAHHH....................... *shivers at the thought*

And I feel a headache coming.

..... I should write about the con too, hah. 8DDDD /lazy But here are our cosplays: Miya was Kyouko on the first day, and Juvia the second. And I was Mami on both days. And Miya wrote an entry about it. 8D OH AND AND AND HERE IS SOME AWESOMENESS:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

This person is the love of my life for the next few days. XDDD Omg it was such a great cosplay. AND NOW ALL OF YOU HAVE THEM ON YOUR COMPUTERS AHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! I wonder how many ppl will get it...


Sep. 18th, 2011 03:14 pm
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TUMBLR IS TURNING ME INTO A DESTIEL FAN!! TAT;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;




Sep. 14th, 2011 07:30 pm
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Vannak olyan napok, amikor elém áll egy helyzet. És kicsit el vagyok veszve, hogy mit csináljak. Ilyenkor a fejemben szinte az összes ember, akitől tanácsot szoktam kérni mondja a sajátját... Általában nem egyeznek az enyémmel. 8D Olyankor mivan?


Ma megvettem Genji szerelmei regényét 3000ért az egyébkénti 10.000 helyett. YAY LEÁRAZÁS!

Egyébként elkezdődött a suli. Remélem nem lesz nagy baj h nem adtam még le a beiratkozási lapot... >>; Dolgoztam...  mára meg elfelejtettem kinyomtatni. És ahogy aTO-t ismerem képesek 3000Ftot fizettetni velem.
Bár amit ma hallottam kicsit elvette a kedvem attól hogy én bármikor is normálisan beszéljek azokkal a parasztokkal ott bent... Na de, meglátjuk pénteken.

Azért vettem fel plusz órákat előző 2 félévben, hogy most ne kelljen. D: és most ha a kövi félévben nem tudok összeszedni még 5 kreditet akkor fél év csúszás. De ahogy néztem a mintatantervet, meg kell lennie annak az 5 kreditnek..... Bár vmi miatt a Seijis udvarias nyelvóra gyanús nekem, mert most kellett volna az Iest meghirdetni nekik és nem tették. 8DD szóval wtf van. Szóval most kicsit parázom.

Meg szeretném kijavítani a neptun  rendszerben, hogy a záróvizsgám és a szakdolgozatom sikerült, és jó lenne ha beírnák azt oda nekem, mert megint bénázhatok a TOval miatta, ha ösztöndíjra akarok jelentkezni. Megkérdezem holnap a tanszékvezetőt hogy kijavítaná-e, ő marika nénihez fog küldeni ő le a TOra ők a Neptun Zolihoz ő pedig a tanszékvezetőhöz aki aztán rájön, hogy neki kell a jegyet beírni, mert ő a tanszékvezető és ő ír alá minden ilyet, aztán mehetek a neptun zolihoz gondolom a hivatalos papírral, vagy papírokkal, hogy azt írja be nekem. 8D fasza lesz. De nem baj, lelkiekben felkészültem!

Na mi van még... Semmi kül sztem.
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Well, if you think I was the only one traveling around in Belgium, you are wrong!! So I present you...

Masaru's and Shuuhei's big, romantic adventure!

Oh yes~ But first of all, who are they? What are they? How did they met? You can find out under the cut! The whole story is there, and pretty image heavy!! XD

Read more... )
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... Ez nem igaz már. D: Ragyás a képem!! Igen ez probléma nálam! Mármint, tudom, szinte mindig ragyás voltam, de  az utóbbi egy évben most egész jól néztem ki, erre most egy hónapja olyan pattanásaim vannak, hogy kész. Visszatért a rohadt gimnázium!

És nem csak az arcomon, a nyakam, a vállam, A HASAM. Tököm teli van már.

Tinédzser koromban próbáltam MINDENT, hogy eltűnjenek. Basztak eltűnni. Egy időben hagymát is ettem, mert hogy az mennyire eltűnteti, hát f*szt.
Egyetem alatt gondoltam a stressz, az, de mivel előző évben is suli volt, és mégis egész jól néztem ki, NEM ÉRTEM EZT ÉN MÁR.

Az állam meg ki van száradva mint az állat. Épp most vagyok túl egy sebes szájszél heten, kurva jó volt. :///

Mi az franc ez, lassan elrohadok, vagy mivanmár?!?!?!?!

Ezt a rantet annak a kis gennynek dedikálom, aki a semmiből megjelent az államon. Kis köcsög...

Holnap, vagy holnapután kenceficék után nézek, mert ezt már nem bírom.

/pointless rage of a woman


Jul. 26th, 2011 10:06 am
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Yesterday I was writing some long shit about my brother's incompetency and my rage about the place he calls his 'real' job, aka the gym. It wasn't pretty so maybe that's why LJ broke so I couldn't even express my rage only in a notepad file. Yes. So I will post that later.

Now, I will try and tell about my Belgian trip to Evy! XD I decided to put the pictures in an other post because I don't have them here at the moment. XD

My Belgian trip )
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Mmmm~~~~~~ FINALLY summer~~ *writing this from next to the pool* |DDDDD I love this~~ DGFGHD This is what summer supposed to be like~~~~~~~ |DDDDDD sdofigsdfjgaélhsf~~~

Aaaanyway, tomorrow I'm going to Belgium, to Evy's. XD Yeah that means a week hiatus from everything. :3 We will fangirl, and go to zoos, and visit chocolate museums, and be awesome~ My only problem is the weather... 8DDD It will be 16-20celsius in Torhout where we mostly will be. 8DD Gah Evy, the things I'm doing for you. XD That's why I decided to soak in the pool and outside the hot because i will miss it for a week and i bet when i get home it will be damned cold here too, its just my luck, so YAY POOL AND SUMMER!!!!!! AND THEN EVY!!!




Jul. 3rd, 2011 01:40 pm
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No need no words.... We are all dead, we will freeze to death! The jeties will be eating from our frozen flesh while we just fall asleep in a pikle of snow... inside our houses... IN AUGUST. TAT *SOBS INTO HER PILLOW*



Jun. 12th, 2011 10:48 am
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Exam period for me has ended!! 8DDD I was kinda awesome taking all the exams without any fail, yep. I'm proud of that. One more exam next week and yay! I'm free! Well I'm free now already. XD
I got a job for summer too, one that will pay me damn good even... Yes I will work at bro's new gym. Yay for money! It also means my sleeping schedule can't change much from when I was in school... It will be weird , waking up early morning in the summer. I guess this is one sign toward adulthood? 8DDDDD Scary.

Anyway, I finished the exam period with a party at Rid's and omg I was really enjoying it so much. XD Except the part we had to walk to the HÉV at 4 in the morning, but it had some adventure feeling to it... 8D A little... Yes. ASDFSDFghgj~ We met were-dogs, and... hallucinated stuff, because we were damn tired. Was awesome.

Now, I have plans for the summer and one already has been fulfilled: a job. 8D

I love this feeling though that 'I DID IT~'. It wasn't like that after my exam period before, so I'm pretty happy now. :3 But damn I woke up with stomach ache today, I wonder when will that end. XDDDD

And I want it to be DAMN HOT ALREADY. So I can go and get tanned!!!


Jun. 3rd, 2011 11:09 am
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Gah kínomban már Supernaturalt nézek. Elhatároztam, hogy végre bepótolom, főleg most a vizsgák után. Egyébként tényleg a vizsgák után akartam elkezdeni, de tegnap vhogy már nem bírtam tovább, kellett valami... és olyan jól esett ugh. Eyecandy, meg minden. Bár nem tudom, most így újranézve a 2es szezon csak nekem van tele fölösleges kiélezett emo angsttel, vagy ez tényleg ilyen? XD Na mindegy, néha már eléggé funny.  Alig várom, hogy olyan részekhez jussak, amiket még nem láttam, de mivel nem tudom, hol hagytam abba, így újra nézem az elejétől.

Apropó vizsgák, túlvagyok a kettő szerintem legnehezebben, és mind a kettő sikeres. Eléggé meg vagyok ezen lepődve, meg voltam győződve, hogy az egyiket újra kell írnom... De nem! Magyarul: átmentem klasszikus kínaiból. :| HAH. Take that! A másik a művtöri volt közvetlenül a klasszikus kínai vizsa után, másnap. Gondoltam, hogy jó akkor elolvasom a fordításokat amikből készülni kell, és akkor már lesz valami. HÁTŐŐIZÉ. Nem így lett. Teljesen kikészültem, szerintem mert nagyon elfáradtam már. Ráadásul hiányos volt az anyag. Mármint volt egy vázlatos jegyzetem, amit küldtek, de én abból nem tudok tanulni. Nekem kell a körítés. Szóval ledőltem 10kor és fel sem keltem 8 ig....  De az is meglett egy napi szenvedés után. Nem néztem előtte át a fordítást, mert egyszerűen NEM és tiszta ideggel mentem oda... De 5ös. Istenem, ez a nő... =_=;; Mindegy.

Jövő héten még két vizsga, aztán még egy a jövő hét után. Ezek már vhogy nem bírnak izgatni... >>; <<; >>;

Hamarosan el fogom olvasni a könyveket, amik itt várnak már egy éve, fél éve az asztalomon, hamarosan játszani fogok több játékkal is, és hamarosan filmeket és sorozatokat fogok nézni, és jeeee.... XD

Másik egyébként hülye hír: akartam egy karaktert rpzni, NAGYON akartam. És a comm-ban ahol most vagyok lehetett is volna, elég könnyen. Gondoltam magamban, oké akkor hiatus után appolom és yay. NOS. Vki konkrétan rohadtul beleszart ebbe, mert lefoglalta előttem és már játssza is. =_= Hát ezen is eléggé ki voltam bukva, mivel ez tartott életben vizsgák után. Ez is... Igazából még mindig tudnám ugyanott játszani, mert engednek AU verziókat, de a franc akarja, hogy folyton az elsőhöz hasonlítgassák... főleg, hogy első alkalom, hogy magical girlt játszom, vagy úgy általában csajt. >>;
Most olyan helyeket keresek, ahol normálisan, teljesen játszani tudnám anélkül, hogy el kéne vennem a képességeit, vagy OOC-vé kéne tennem. Bazmeg, ezt nem hiszem el.. Mivel most egy tökély helyen játszom észre sem vettem, hogy a többi comm mennyire szar... azt hittem legalább pár hozza a színvonalat, vagy legalább annyi józan eszük van mint a mostaninak DE NEM. A karakterem magical girl és legalább 98%-ában a kommunitiknek el kéne veszíteni ezt a képsségét... DE ÉN NEM AKAROM HOGY ELVESZÍTSE ÉS NEM SLICE OF LIFE-OT AKAROK JÁTSZANI ÉS SZÖRNYEKET AKAROK ÖLNI, ÉS MAGICAL GIRLÖZNI ON THEIR ASSSES............. Meg ráadásul a karakter eléggé függ attól, hogy hány szörnyet győz le basszus, és ha elkerül egy lakatlan szigetre/másik világba/anyám kínjába, ott ezek NINCSENEK, szóval a erejét többé nem tudja használni. Bumm... Találtam talán 3 helyet, ahol lehetne talán játszani kisebb módosításokkal amiket hajlandó lennék még megtenni, de... GAH. Még mindig le kell nyelnem a békát, hogy úgy ahogy van, nem játszhatom... Szóval ezen is felhúztam magam. Én nagyon-nagyon akarom játszani őt. >_<;;;;;

Oh oh oh oh és és és.. vizsgákra készülve, felosztottuk az irodalom tételeket és én kaptam Kawabata Yasunari-t, lol ez az ember. XD Első Nobel-díjas japán író, és találtam róla egy képet, ami szerintem eléggé vicces:

Ott a menők mind szmokingban meg minden, ő pedig ott nyomja hagyományos japánban. XD

Na jól van lépek már.
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 I DREAMED SEIJI WAS LIKE... SHOUTING. Not to me but I was the reason too, I mean I turned in some things that we had to do the semseter before too and I just rewrote it a little, but when I turned it in, it was the same!!! and He tried to be pathient, but then when I left the office he was yelling and dlfgnsfkghk it was so scary, and then I thought it was Monday and the Tuesday is next what was the hardest day in this semester, andkfjsndfkgrlkhgalidgbadg........ I got so scared and stressed OHGOD.... TAT

It was so good when I woke up and realized it's exam period, what is shit too, but at least I don't have to go to classes......... Ughhh, my eye is ticking since a few days now.

Well in other news... um, well I'm going to Gackt's concert this August, yay.

More news... er.... not really...


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