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Name is Suz. Born in 1986, in Hungary, and still living there, and by the way her sign is Cancer.  Other than that she is a fangirl, a pervert in denial,  a lazy bum, sometimes egoist, but can be nice, because she has faith in people, srsly.

LIKES: anime, manga, jpop, Japan, sweets (like burning), eating, drinking, roleplay, cosplay, smut, fluff, fanfiction, tea, dancing, pink, random, drawing, reading, myself, lazying around  and too many things...
HATES: stupid people, cigarette, coffee, headache, stress, (geez ppl), that I never have enough time, and too many other things...

I don't line up fandoms, because they are really, really hectic, especially with the lack of time I have. XD


Semi friends only, because everyone needs their secrets. If you friend me, I won't necessarily add you back, even if you comment or send a message. Yes I'm a fucked up person like that. But if you still insist to be friends with me, prepare for:

x ranting about EVERYTHING, girls tend to do that
x screaming, sometimes in hungarian too
x random fices from random fandoms
x random art (which is not for stealing)
x spam, srly, spam
x pimp posts with spoilers, no kidding
x typos, a LOT

So if you understand these, then there is no problem.


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