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Yes, so in the summer I went to Belgium too, to visit Evy again. 8DD And to eat fries and chocolate and just being all fangrily and watch more castles and stuff. XDD And get soaked in the rain, and cold. *bricked*

It got long. XD )
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Well, if you think I was the only one traveling around in Belgium, you are wrong!! So I present you...

Masaru's and Shuuhei's big, romantic adventure!

Oh yes~ But first of all, who are they? What are they? How did they met? You can find out under the cut! The whole story is there, and pretty image heavy!! XD

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Jul. 26th, 2011 10:06 am
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Yesterday I was writing some long shit about my brother's incompetency and my rage about the place he calls his 'real' job, aka the gym. It wasn't pretty so maybe that's why LJ broke so I couldn't even express my rage only in a notepad file. Yes. So I will post that later.

Now, I will try and tell about my Belgian trip to Evy! XD I decided to put the pictures in an other post because I don't have them here at the moment. XD

My Belgian trip )
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Mmmm~~~~~~ FINALLY summer~~ *writing this from next to the pool* |DDDDD I love this~~ DGFGHD This is what summer supposed to be like~~~~~~~ |DDDDDD sdofigsdfjgaélhsf~~~

Aaaanyway, tomorrow I'm going to Belgium, to Evy's. XD Yeah that means a week hiatus from everything. :3 We will fangirl, and go to zoos, and visit chocolate museums, and be awesome~ My only problem is the weather... 8DDD It will be 16-20celsius in Torhout where we mostly will be. 8DD Gah Evy, the things I'm doing for you. XD That's why I decided to soak in the pool and outside the hot because i will miss it for a week and i bet when i get home it will be damned cold here too, its just my luck, so YAY POOL AND SUMMER!!!!!! AND THEN EVY!!!


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Desperate indeed.

[ profile] suzimi : I want to save seals!!!!!!
[ profile] suzimi : are there seals in Japan??????
[ profile] puckyducky : probably
[ profile] suzimi : then ima gonna be elitist bitch and save seals in Japan
[ profile] puckyducky : XD
[ profile] puckyducky : ah you'er too late
[ profile] puckyducky : it's extinct
[ profile] suzimi : I RESURRECT IT................ GODDAMNED STUPID SEAL.......
[ profile] puckyducky : XD
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THERE WAS CANDY IN THE MAIL TODAY-----------!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *_______________*;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;







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