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well okay.

Update. Sorry, the picture from Belgium will be a bit later. I need to settle into a few things.

First of all I've got  a job.... Trial period, for three months. Or, well, officially it's two months. 8D

It's so not what I imagined as my first workplace, but it put me to a challenge alright, because it's not really a thing I've done before... I'm basically an online marketing assistant at a small company. Well, I will be if I stay and if they won't decide to get rid of me. My first day was cool--er than I expected but still, I have to learn a lot. It's uni all over again. I got a few stressed moments, and a panic attack in the morning, but all was fine and dandy. 8D....... If anything, at least I get paid at the end of the month. and I have stuff to do. Even if it has nothing to do with Japanese...

Actually, I would stay in a heartbeat judging by the first day, but I'm still not sure because 1., it was the first day, duh... 2., they said if I stay, I need to stay at least two years. And that fucks up my plans about the Japanese scholarship that I still want... That will be the hardest for me to decide I think. But I have three months for it. Go me...

On an unrelated matter... a politician in Hungary said, that the solution for domestic violence is if the WOMEN go back from working, and trying to prove themselves and go and give birth to two three or more (he even said FIVE) children and raise them, so the Hungarian population will grow.

My first thought was WHATHTEFUCK.  What he said is like 'The solution for the global warming is if the fishermen would stop fishing for tuna.' It's... ITS NOT MAKING SENSE. Not at all. Thankfull the general opinion about it is the same as mine that WHADDAFUCK MAN THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS. But it's awful, that people who're supposed to see the best for us, and try and lead a country and such are THIS PRIMITIVE.

I know that the argument between women and men, and about a few related matters like abortion or the dilemma for a woman that she should go and have a career or kids is, like, eternal, and the hardest thing to solve. Let alone abortion, birthgiving is already a very private, and a very difficult matter already... I think even if a woman would LOVE to have children all her life, it's still a hard decision, it's already a stressed thing for women and when people go and talk shit like this it's just making it worse.
Alright, maybe only for me, but I think it's a huge matter. Of course I could choose not wanting to have kids, and my life would be easier and I would overlook these matters, but the thing is I want kids and as longer I think about it, it's just becoming more and more clear that it's going to be effin' difficult.

Okay I just wanted to say that... this man was saying something stupid and unrelated about a matter; blamed women and brought in the childbirth issue too, and I got very worked up about it. I know it's bit unrelated even... But it's not that women doesn't want kids, I repeat, it's not about them not WANTING to give birth, but it's not just about WANTING to do it, there needs to be money, background, the feeling of safety, so the kid or kids won't end up stupid, soulless idiots like a few examples around. I'm sorry for not wanting to raise my children in a trashcan and it's awful, that every time any family matter comes up, primitice assholes are always bringing up this issue too.

What's with men and blaiming women for everything, srsly now. Sorry that we intimidate you in your Plan for World Domination. Of course I know, that not everyone like this, but the issue is still there.


Jul. 12th, 2012 10:45 pm
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The most important news of these days, that I didn't pass the interview, so I'm not going to Japan next year... But I can still try again! Actually I figured it will be like that, because my research plan was indeed shit... XD So I wasn't that surprised, but it would have been nice to pass. :3 Oh well.

In other news, I've been to the doc with my dizziness. It's not my neck, and neither my vision, now we're waiting for my blood test. But I'm actually feeling better this week, so it really might have been some leftover stress. It's actually amazing I needed more than a month to get over my final exam... >>; And it might not have ended.

Now I'm on a job hunt. I could have started it before too, but I was waiting for the results of the interview before I start anything. Now I'm either getting a job, or take this course I'd like to, but I'm really frustrated about money, so I think I try to get a job and pay for my stuffs I'd still like to do...

I'm very careful of what I'm going to do now, because somehow I have a feeling if I'm not doing it right now, I'll mess up for the rest of my life, and I don't want that... And I know it's stupid, but still. 8D Give me a break. XD

ANYWAY, NEW HAIR!!!! *bricked* And somehow it looks awful when I take a pic of it, so no pic. But it looks great. 8DDD


Jul. 9th, 2007 02:17 pm
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Ok, now i'm  bored again, go me! Im at my parent's company takig a long break.... which means i'm booooreeeeeeed. *whimpers*

STILL. I'll have money and i can spend it aaaaaaaaall on mangas.  *-* Hope i can find a few interesting ones at the Con at Nyíregyháza, since now i won't cosplay so i'll have the time to look around, and buy stuff~~~ |DDD But still i'll miss my costumes. T_T

Lately, i'm drawing very much. Mostly because i have to send the comic pages for the novells, mostly because of that project,  and mostly because i have time, and it"s sooo good~ i love drawing. ^^

And started a few new RPs too~ >w< i'm so happy about them~~~

Ah, and watched Nana. and..... duuuuuuude...... OO; There are only a few eps till the end and there is so much angst i can hardly BREATHE. GEEZ.... Nana (the girly one) is soooo stupid sometimes i would like to kick her sometimes. And now i'm worrying about the other Nana, she has some serious shit with his mental stability............. *pats her* But still, i hope in the end it'll be fluff. T_T

Someone said i should stop throwing tantrums, so i'm doing that. nothing will change anyway.

I realized, that i'm the youngest amongst the students at my chinese course. T_T;;; I though a few of the are the same age as me, or maybe one year older, but noooooo all of them are working, and already graduated from uni... They look so young though. OO;;;; *sigh* Well.... yeah...

I drank a lot of glasses of mineral water.... I stopped counting at seven. And i'm still thirsty, gah, chinese cuisine sure makes you drink a LOT.

There was a little 10 year old kid here with her mom. I think her mom bring the letters to us, dunno. And the kid is adorable. So, seriously, if he'll stay like this after another 10 years, i'll get him to be my boytoy. 8D *gets shot*
Ah, talking about boytoys, i started watching Family Guy. It's an american (?) cartoon series, and has a lot of similarities with The Simpsons (aka: it stole a few  things from our yellow friends, yes.) STill! I"m watching it, because of Stewie. The 2 years old little guy, WHO HAS THE EVILEST MIND ON EARTH I SWEAR. I love him. Here is a few of his best moments. Watch it and laugh. XD He is the best. XD
Ah and in this show, there was this quote: "Well, my merry-happy-lucky Toyboys~" said the boss to his co-workers. XD

Hmm.... anything else? No, i think this is it. Well then, good day~


Jun. 26th, 2007 07:21 pm
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NOW, IT'S OVER. *-* Okay okay i still have to do that retake in august, and have to attendt the chinese class on every saturday, BUT OOOOOOOOOMG SUMMER VACATION STARTEEEEEED~~~~

And i still haven't found a job. XDDD Well it's not a big trouble, but since everyone will be busy (don't say you won't, cause you WILL. ) in the summer too especially in August, i need something to do!! And if get money for it, it's great~~~~ 8DDD

Ahhahaha, this is great, freeeeeedom~~~~~~~ |DDDD Finally i can draw, and STUFF. *-* Weeee~~~~

Sooo, about that summer con now. :3
This is the website. I dunno who will go, or how it will be, since everyone seem so busy, or not interested but maybe to the rest it's interesting. XD
I searched around for rooms, and i found two places only. I don't know the prices, but it's not a big deal if noone will go...


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